Project Planning


Do you project plan? I personally thrive best when I have lists to check off and can visually see what tasks I need to complete. Back in high school, my agenda and textbooks were all filled with sticky tabs and post it notes filled with little scribbles of things to remember. It might have looked a little crazy to other people but it helped me keep on track and feel like I was in control of all the things that needed completing.

That trait has without a doubt, carried over into my crochet hobby. I plan ahead, months in advance in regards to Christmas gifts. Who is on my gift giving list? What do they enjoy? What colours do they like? What can I crochet them? What yarn do I need? How much? You get the idea. I find though, having all of this thought out and planned, is actually extremely beneficial for me because it helps to maximize my time and even works well in ways of keeping to a crafty budget if you set one for yourself. Because let’s be honest, you and I both know that it’s nearly impossible to walk into a store like Michaels and leave without some kind of yarn that you didn’t plan on buying.

To keep track of my crochet projects, I often flip back and forth between using an app like Evernote on my phone and a traditional notebook and pen. There is something so satisfying about picking up a pen and scratching a big ol’ line through something on your to do list. The phone however is super convenient because I usually always have it with me and I don’t have to carry anything extra around in ways of stationary. I mostly stick to lists…and some of my lists have sub lists if you can believe it. I’ve heard some people make charts to visualize their tasks which is pretty cool too.

So, I’m going to sit down with my coffee, go over my Christmas list of items that I still need to crochet and then get to it. But I have to ask, do you use apps to plan or do you use the good old pen and paper? Do you make lists or charts? Tell me how you keep track of your ideas and projects, I’d love to hear!

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Happy Crocheting!


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