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Instagram has no shortage of crochet related accounts. The photos, makers and projects to scroll through are endless and can provide an amazing source of connection and inspiration. One of the things I discovered since creating my own account was the consistent support that crocheters have and often display towards each other. Hashtags like #followfriday and #communityovercompetition are great examples of the encouraging themes within the online crafting world. 

The accounts I’m sharing today are filled with beautiful makes that are personal and filled with excitement and love for the craft. These makers work hard and their creations are stunning. Please take a few minutes to check them out and show their feeds some love and support. I guarantee you’ll be left feeling inspired!

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at making scarves, particularly in the style of a triangle one, I have just the account for you! Heather’s feed has all the classic makes with blankets and hats but lately, triangle scarves have taken centre stage. Made in stunning colourways and in some really lovely patterns, you’ll be wanting to make your own!

Have you found Kylie on Instagram yet? If you haven’t, allow me to introduce you to a feed that is full of cute and practical crochet makes. Washcloths in gorgeous stitches and colours, market bags, coasters and throw pillows are just a few of the things here. With some great eco friendly makes and useful everyday items, you’ll be ready to jump in and create your own crochet projects for your home or as a gift.

If you’re looking for some colourful inspiration, make sure to add this account to your list. The beautiful shades of pinks, purples and yellows will surely brighten up your feed (and your day!). Tiggypotts also makes the cutest and squishiest crochet bears that you’ll ever see. This feed has all the rainbows and sunshine! Head over and check it out!

If you’re looking for a relaxing, calm and soulful feed, look no further. Beautiful write ups go hand in hand with the gorgeous photos shared in this account. There’s a down to earth and almost vintage inspired feeling that is so inviting to viewers. I’d recommend grabbing a cup of hot coffee and curling up with a cozy blanket while scrolling through. Make sure to take your time and read through the captions to really allow yourself a chance to get pulled into this beautiful feed.

This feed is one of a kind and truly authentic with gorgeous colours and photos. There’s something personal about the images which creates an immediate connection between the maker and the viewer.  The projects and style shared are such a mix that there is something for everyone to appreciate and enjoy. This account has all the positive and creative vibes; head over and see for yourself!

This account is filled with crochet treats and goodies. Beautiful and creative projects, designed by Cheryl with patterns available so you can make them yourself. Accompanying the makes is a website and Youtube channel which is an added bonus and so wonderful to have for guidance on your crochet journey. Grab your yarn, hook and be ready to create with Cheryl’s incredibly generous and beautiful feed.

Marcia’s crochet account account is pure joy. Filled with bold colours and projects, you’ll find adorable wearables, blankets, amigurumi, and makes for the home. Bright and happy photos with clear close ups of the stitches and project highlights, adds a certain charm to this feed.  There’s just an overall good feeling with everything here which is inspiring in itself. Combined with the gorgeous colours and creations, you’ll be so glad you stopped by.

Cate has been crocheting for about 2 years and has clearly fallen in love with it. She even took a leap into designing with the release of a gorgeous clutch pattern. Bright colours, texture and whimsical designs are what you’ll see from Cate. She has also been sharing her journey as she works through the business side of crochet. It’s a great feed filled with fab ideas!

One of the eye catching things about this feed is the way the stitches jump out at you. They are so lovely and textured in each project that it leaves you scrolling for more. It’s such a nice account to view with simple yet dramatic statements of design and colour. Polka dots, lattice designs, wall hangings, and hand towels are just a few of the beautiful things to see. Can you spot the adorable fox throw pillow?

Camilla has been working hard and creating the sweetest little crochet creatures. If you have an appreciation for amigurumi or have ever want to try it, you’ll be wanting to dive into this area of crochet after seeing this feed. Which creation is your favourite?

Another wonderful crochet account to follow is wovenbyhisgrace which inspires with positivity and wholesome, cheerful makes. There is a little bit of everything to check out from adorable baby bonnets, mommy and me sets, blankets and scarves. The real stand out projects though are the crochet earrings that are created with so much detail and in some really beautiful colours. Which set is your favourite?

Daniel’s feed originally started off focusing on jewelry making (those pieces absolutely gorgeous by the way) but ever so slowly, crochet projects began peaking through. Beautiful crochet projects that are filled with texture and incredible stitch definition are also now featured alongside the jewelry creations. Daniel also takes really lovely and clear photos. There’s a lot of talent in this feed and I’m sure you’ll be itching to get creative once you see it!

In her profile, Roxanne talks about sharing her new-found love of crochet. Let me tell you, did she ever find it! Everything about this crochet feed shouts about a love for the craft and it displays with the most beautiful and vibrant creations. Scarves, shawls and hats can all be found here and created in the loveliest shades and colourways. Some of the photos featured also include stunning hand dyed which looks super dreamy. Add roxstitch to your list of accounts to check out!

Stephanie’s feed has a gorgeous collection of handmade items, not to mention the simple and eye catching photos. You’ll find beautiful earth tone shades with some pops of vibrant colours peaking through the posts. This feed is lovely, and is filled with feelings of comfort and cozy. Head over and show some love!

This account has a mixture of crochet and knit creations. Gorgeous hats displayed in a simple flat-lay set up provide lovely, minimalist photos. There is so much cozy in this feed that you can almost feel the squish and texture of the yarn through the pictures. Please take a few minutes to show some support for this feed and be sure to leave some comments on your favourite makes!

Amanda will have you grabbing your yarn and hook before you have a chance to scroll down through all the photos.  Sweet and colourful beanies, adorable lovies, zippered bags, ear warmers, and holiday themed creations are just a few of the projects shared. And many of them are original designs so you can make your own! Just look for the pattern details included in the posts. This account has you covered!

Happiness and all things lovely are what you’ll see on Deb’s feed. Beautiful pastel rainbows, macramé snowflakes and wall hangings, baby blanket, baby hats…it’s all here and it’s super cute and pretty. It’s such a lovely mixture of colours and designs with the sweetest photos to show them off. It’s just a happy and feel good account to browse through.

One of the first things you will notice about Amanda’s Instagram feed is the incredible layouts of the photos. They are very simple, featuring only the projects on crisp white background. This really allows the viewer to take in all the designs and focus on the texture and yarn used. The colours are vibrant, bold and look darling made into headbands and hats.  There’s a lot to see, and in the very best way. You don’t want to miss this one!

Sarah has created such a fun and happy space to share projects. They range from pop culture makes to classic geeky and nerdy creations. You’ll find amigurumi of horror film characters, cute bags, hats, and even some bright and vibrant blankets. Sarah’s passion and enjoyment of crochet really shines through. Hop over to see a fun and modern twist to crochet.

One peak at the photos in this account will make you want to get crafty and creative. Cowls, hats and cup cozies will fill your Instagram feed and make it pop with colourful inspiration. Also a big supporter of fellow makers, there are lots of photos that feature projects that were made from being a pattern tester. Take a few minutes to enjoy the pretty makes!

Andrea has a crochet feed that will certainly spark your creativity. Lovely layouts featuring close up shots of the various projects as well as photos of some of the most beautiful yarn you’ll ever see. Bright and vibrant, you’ll see granny squares, motifs, blankets, amigurumi, bunting, you name it! This is such a joyful feed to browse through.

When you think of crochet, does the word modern come to mind? It will when you see these creations. Beautiful doilies with a contemporary design, appliques, blankets and home décor ideas. This account also has numerous patterns designed by handmadebyraine and details on where to access them. If you’ve ever wondered how to line a crochet bag, there’s even a post for that! Super cool and good to know.

Kerri has an Instagram feed absolutely full of adorable crochet projects. Focusing mostly on applique designs, the sweet and simple creations are perfect for inspiration. The ways in which you could use appliques in other projects are endless and with the projects that Kerri shares, you’ll be sparked with one idea after another. Bonus, Kerri also provides pattern info so you can even make your own. What would you use appliques for?

Rachel’s feed is filled with a lovely mixture of items and makes. Blankets, hats, cardigans, you name it! It’s also filled with photos of various projects from testing patterns for other makers which is always lovely to see (pattern testers are SO important). Makers supporting other makers! You’ll find nothing but good vibes here!

Hats, accessories and craft show journeys are what you’ll find on this feed. There’s a feeling of comfort and as you’ll see from the photos, it’s clear that all the makes were made with lots of love and care. You’ll love seeing all the behind the scenes photos of project prep work and gorgeous makes.

I’ve briefly chatted off and on with many of the makers listed above. Their kindness and authenticity as creative individuals displays itself through their projects. They work hard to share their love of crochet and it has really been a lovely pleasure to follow their feeds and discover their creations. It’s always a wonderful day when I open my Instagram and one of these makers pops up with a new photo of their latest work.  Please show them some love and support next time you’re browsing through Instagram.

I hope you enjoyed this post and feel inspired to create. If you’d like to leave a comment, please do so below or head over to my Instagram (@sweet_bee_crochet) to get in touch. Please feel free to share this post to spread the love and creativity.

Happy Crocheting!


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