Creative Inspiration – Where Do You Find It?


When it comes to crochet (or any creative project for that matter), inspiration can be a funny thing. Sometimes it can come naturally and sometimes we need to dig a little to find it. Perhaps you’re working on a pattern: the design or colour creates a little spark to start a new project and there’s no resting until it’s completed. Somestimes we find ourselves desperate to create but don’t know what to start next. What colour? What pattern? The endless options that can be found online are sometimes overwhelming and we can’t pinpoint a specific idea or design. That can sometimes lead to a bit of a lull in being creative. So how can we get inspired?

The truth is, what inspires one person might not bring that same feeling to someone else. Being inspired can really depend on personalities, individual situations and experiences as well as our surrounding environments. There are a lot of factors at play when we feel inspired…or not inspired. And that’s okay because you don’t have to be creative and crafty all the time. It can feel like a lot of pressure when we place expectations on ourselves to constantly create and pop out new ideas and projects. But if you want to create and are a little stuck, here are some ways that I find bring out my personal creative side and help to get the ideas and inspiration flowing:


I’m a nature lover. I enjoying camping, hiking and spending time outdoors. Spring and fall are my favourite times of the year and for me, they are the seasons in which my inspiration blossoms. The beautiful colours of the flowers after the greys of winter. In the fall, the bold and vibrant colours of the changing leaves creates such a gorgeous backdrop and is a contrast to the light and airy vibes experienced in the spring. Summer is of course lovely too with pretty hues of reds and orange during a beach sunset. The sky in the photo above reminds me of an ombre yarn with the colour transition and fading as the sun gently sets for another day. Winter while cold and sometimes heavy on the greys and whites also has its own cozy charm, especially around the Christmas season.


I have a small stack of crochet books on my shelf (I really need to add my collection). Stitch dictionaries are a favourite because for me, it’s a great way to learn a new skill and also try to work it into a new project. When I’m feeling creative but not sure what to make, I’ll often pull out a skein of yarn and start trying a new stitch or pattern swatch. It gets my hands moving and puts my brain into a crafty mode. Motif patterns are also great because they are small projects and good for quick makes. Check out your local library to see what crochet books they have available!

Idea Notebooks:

I grabbed some cute notebooks from my local craft store and I use them to keep ideas for future crochet projects. Things like my own designs, projects from other makers that I want to try, or just little notes about colour combinations. Sometimes I flip through them for inspiration when I need something to work on.

Online Platforms:
This is a big one for me. Websites like Ravelry, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and websites from yarn companies…they all provide some wonderful content. Ravelry is particularly great because you can search for projects using filters which can help to narrow down your results so you don’t feel so overwhelmed. Search by fiber, yardage, yarn brand, you name it. Pinterest is great to save ideas for later and keep up to date with what is popular. Instagram is a personal favourite because I feel a direct connection with the designers and other makers on this platform. Often you can find patterns linked to the images or at the very least, information on where to find it. Facebook provides an abundance of crochet groups and pages. Usually they are filled with other supportive makers who happily share their creations and provide conversation on various crochet topics and questions. All these social media outlets are great connectors to patterns, designers and crochet enthusiasts and if you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, you’ll certainly find something.

Craft Store Walks

Take a walk down the yarn aisle at your local craft store. It can be a great way to kick your creative inspiration into overdrive. With so much colour and different styles of yarn, you’ll be bound to find something that sparks an interest or idea. Check out yarn like Caron Cakes or twists like Caron x Pantone for some colour combinations that you might not normally consider. Look at the yarn weight of skeins you might not generally gravitate to. Maybe a bulky yarn peaks an interest with a project you saw online…or maybe a light weight yarn on sale is a great chance to try that shawl pattern you saw but were hesitant to try. Be careful with the craft store method of inspiration though…you probably won’t leave empty handed!

Small Projects:

This is something I often do when I want to create but don’t really have anything particular in mind. Granny squares and other small motifs are my “go-to” projects. They are great because you can always stitch them together when you complete enough and then you have a throw pillow or small lap blanket at the end. Because small projects tend to work up quickly, they travel fairly well since you don’t need many supplies and they also can offer a nice sense of accomplishment when you’re finished.

So there we go! I’ve shared with you my own ways of finding creative inspiration and if you’d like to share, I would love to hear yours! What inspires you? How do you find your creative spark? Leave a comment here or head over to my “Contact” page for ways to connect.

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Happy crocheting!


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