Tip Tuesday – Project Burn Out


For many people, crocheting is a relaxing and enjoyable hobby but there are times when we are called to focus on bigger projects. Sometimes it’s for the personal challenge or perhaps you have your own crochet business and you’ve been commissioned for something large or complex. It’s also possible to feel tired of working on a pattern, especially if there’s a repetitive stitch or you’re using one colour for a great length of time. Whether it’s from needing a break from a difficult pattern or simply needing a “reset”, having a small side project is a great idea.

The benefit of having a small project is that it’s familiar, comforting and generally uses the basic stitches. Think of it as a “grounding” project that brings you back to the simplicity of the craft, where you found your love and enjoyment for it. It can bring back all those good and happy feelings while keeping your confidence up and just providing a break from your larger project.

Need to take a breather from a big project or one that’s really challenging? That’s okay! Let’s step back and think of some small project ideas that you can work on when you need a change of pace.

Small Project Ideas:
– Washcloths
– Coasters
– Ornaments (This is a great way to get ahead for the holidays!)
– Granny squares or other motifs
– Mandala’s
– Face scrubbies
– Hats
– Ear warmers/headbands
– Scarves
– Cowls
– Mittens
– Hair scrunchies
– Bows
– Amigurumi
– Chunky throw pillows
– Wall hangings
– Plant pot covers
– Wine bottle bag

Check out the Free Pattern section of my blog for some ideas and projects! Alternately, if you’re looking for a downloadable option, head over to my Ravelry page for free .pdf versions!

How do you manage large projects? Do you dive in until it’s finished or do you break it up with small projects when you need to? I’d love to see your crochet projects, big or small! Tag on me on Instagram @sweet_bee_crochet and I’ll be sure to check them out!

Happy Crocheting!


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