Welcome to Sweet Bee Crochet! My name is Rebecca and I’m from Ontario, Canada. I began my crochet journey in 2012 by watching online videos, tutorials and through beginner “how to” books. My interest in crochet stems back to my childhood from watching my grandmother knit and crochet beautiful sweaters, squares and other items for family and friends. I’ve always had a crafty streak in me however, since picking up a crochet hook, my main interest and hobby lies with yarn and crocheting.

My main goal and focus with this website is supporting new crocheters and makers on the go. People who love to create and crochet, but don’t always have the time to invest in large, time consuming projects. I want to create a space to share patterns and ideas for crochet projects that take either one skein or one hour to make. Projects are portable and easy to work on during a lunch break, commute or just with a cup of coffee on the sofa at home.

I am passionate about supporting and encouraging other makers. My projects are beginner friendly, they include both written and photo elements within the patterns to encourage those learning crochet and to build their confidence and discover a love for crochet.

This website will continue to grow with more to share and offer. Please check back often for updated content to help you on your creative journey.

Take care and happy crocheting!