What Is A Pattern Round Up?

At one point or another, you have most likely come across something called a “pattern round up”. They can be a great way to discover new designers and patterns but what exactly are they? I’ve put together a post to help explain the ins and outs of a pattern round up so that both designers and crocheters can fully benefit from them.

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Tip Tuesday – Crocheting On The Go

I have to be honest, I love my little travel crochet bag. Since it’s not really that practical to carry around large projects, this is a great way to bring your crochet with you and whip up some quick makes. Items like mittens, cowls, hats, scarves, small baskets, headbands, coasters, etc. are all fantastic and easily portable project ideas. But what should you keep in it?

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The Ultimate Beginner Crochet Resource

Hello and welcome! Today’s post focuses on crochet resources for new crocheters and those starting their crochet journey. I’ll be sharing some ideas, items and accessories that I hope you will find helpful. I’m so happy you’re here and I hope that you will find this post beneficial as you start crocheting.

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Tip Tuesday – Securing Yarn Tails

This tip was one I learned about early on and is something that has been rather helpful in storing my yarn. Winding yarn into balls or cakes is something that most crocheters do. Whether for storage, to prep before a project or to organize scrap yarn or leftover skeins. What is frustrating however, is watching them become unraveled while in storage or in your yarn basket and getting all tangled up. No one wants to spend time dealing with that, we would rather be crocheting, right? Here’s a simple solution…hair clips!

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