One Year of Crafty (2019)


This year has been jam packed with new experiences and self discovery, not to mention really diving into my favourite hobby and creating a space to connect and share with other makers.

Looking at the collage of some of my creations from January to December, it has allowed me to reflect and see the overall development and progress of my crafty journey and it sure has come a long way! I ventured into the world of embroidery which I found to be very fun and relaxing. It allowed me to think outside the box a little bit and I jumped into crocheting with embroidery thread which was a different experience and made for some lovely and unique pieces.

I joined the designer club and created 10 of my own patterns. That came about a little unexpectedly but in a very organic way. I had some ideas that I wanted to get written down and things took off from there. I learned about pattern testing and the importance of that process. No matter how small or simple a design might be, it’s always good and beneficial to have someone go over it as an extra set of eyes. I am glad I took a leap into this area and I can definitely say I have learned a lot as a designer and crocheter in this respect.

My website launched this year as well which was huge for me. I had (and have) so many ideas that I want to share and makers I want to connect with. A website seemed like a natural progression to make that happen. It has become something I deeply enjoy and take a lot of pride in. I want people to feel like they are welcome no matter their skill level or where they are at on their crafting journey. I have been trying to focus on creating a space for “makers on the go”. Patterns, tutorials and articles that are portable and accessible so that they can be easily traveled with or worked on throughout the day, whenever there’s a few minutes to spare. I am so lucky and thankful to have a tech-loving husband who helped me start all this and teach me along the way so I can work on it more independently. You could say he’s my personal tech support and has been so wonderful and helpful whenever I need some help or clarification in this area.

My “One Year of Crafty” collage is pretty exciting and fun for me to look at it. I created a collage at the end of every month highlighting some of my creations. I saved each one and put them together for a final year end collage. I’m really glad I did because it’s a nice little way to see my growth and progress as a crocheter:

One of the makes I’m most proud of is this gorgeous scarf. This pattern, The Madeline Triangle Scarf designed by Ginger Knots is a favourite of mine. I had wanted to make another using sock weight yarn but was holding off until I found the perfect fiber. This summer, we took a road trip vacation out to Cape Breton in Nova Scotia. While there, I found the most adorable little yarn shop and immediately found this local, hand dyed yarn. I purchased two hanks and it worked up exactly how I had hoped. It has become a beautiful keepsake and reminder of a vacation filled with memories and new experiences.

Another make I’m especially proud of is my own design, the Vintage Noel Ornament. I was so thrilled and blown away by the amount of people that were sharing their support and their own photos of their finished versions of this design. This pattern almost didn’t happen so it’s really nice for me to see everything in this project fall into place. I was having trouble translating the image I had for it onto paper, but, after some re-wording and tweaks, it flowed really nicely and came together how I had wanted.

So here we are at the end of 2019 and heading into 2020. If follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Ravelry, thank you. Your support is appreciated and I hope we can continue to connect in the coming year. I truly love and enjoy the interactions with other makers and I feel it’s so important to support and make those connections with one another. If you’d like to connect, you can find me on Instagram @sweet_bee_crochet or check out the contact section of my blog for other ways you can get in touch.

I want to invite you to join in on sharing your own “One Year of Crafty” or taking time to chat about your own crafty experiences in 2019. If you’re on Instagram, use the hashtag #oneyearofcrafty and tag me @sweet_bee_crochet because I would love to see it. How have you grown as a maker or designer? What creations are you most proud of? Did you learn any new skills?

I hope the new year brings you inspiration, creativity and is filled with things that make you happy. Cheers to all the things that made us grow in 2019 and to new experiences and adventures in 2020.