Suzette Ridge Crochet Washcloth – Free Pattern

The suzette stitch makes another appearance on my blog in this new crochet washcloth design. It’s definitely one of my favourite stitches and with the beautiful texture and dense appearance, you can see why it’s a great choice for projects like washcloths.

The simple ridges in the middle are eye catching and create a nice break in the repetitiveness of the suzette stitch. This washcloth works up quickly and has a simple edging to provide a neat and tidy finish. Learn more about this design and find the free pattern below…

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Half Double Crochet V Stitch – Crochet Tutorial

I really love the half double crochet stitch. As a basic stitch and one that a crocheter learns in the very beginning, I feel like it deserves more appreciation than it gets. For one, it’s simple but it also creates a lovely, subtle texture with the natural 3rd loop that is created. It looks wonderful on it’s own but also works beautifully mixed in-between other stitches when crocheted in rows or rounds.

There are a few different stitch variations that use the half double crochet and today I’m going to share one with you. The half double v stitch is a fun alternative to the traditional way and creates a really pretty airy and lacey effect.

Learn how to crochet the half double v stitch below…

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Lion Brand Heartland – Yarn Review

Lion Brand Heartland was a wonderful find and a yarn that I quite enjoyed crocheting with. I was happy to discover that there is a great selection of colourways available that includes solids and tweeds. Today I’m sharing my review of working with Lion Brand Heartland yarn along with the details of the free pattern I designed using it.

You can find all the details below…

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Beginner Double Crochet Scarf – Free Pattern

When I think back to my early days of learning crochet, I remember how badly I want to learn more than the simple chains, swatches and granny squares. It was with that in mind that I created the Beginner Double Crochet Scarf. The end result is a practical project that uses the basic stitches (chains, single crochet and double crochet) and would make a wonderful wearable item for you or a friend.

Find all the details along with the free pattern below…

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Crocheting With Sock Weight Yarn

Sock weight yarn (also referred to as fingering weight yarn, super fine or baby), is a fibre that is often associated with knitting. It’s that beautiful yarn most commonly seen wound into beautiful hanks found in your local yarn shops. It’s not unusual to find them at a higher price point due to fibre content and with the beautiful colourways being hand dyed rather than mass produced through a major yarn company.

These yarns are generally marketed to knitters because they are traditionally used in projects like socks, shawls or sweaters with beautiful results. Did you know that this particular yarn also works well with crochet? While geared to knit projects, sock weight yarn can also create beautiful crochet pieces when used in just the right way. Learn more about crocheting with sock weight yarn below…

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Simple Rustic Striped Scarf – Free Crochet Pattern

Let’s take a quick moment to appreciate the gorgeous brown and yellow in this crochet scarf. I’m a huge fan of these shades together and when the yarn is tweed, be still my heart! This scarf has beautiful rustic vibes and is made using two simple stitches which keeps the project fun, fast and beginner friendly.

Find the free pattern below…

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Hexie Flower Wall Hanging – Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet hexagons are one of my favourite motifs to make. They’re quick, beginner friendly and I love how much you can customize them. Not only that, but they also leave a ton of room for creativity within different types of projects.

This free crochet pattern utilizes 3 different tutorials that can be found on my blog. I have combined them to create a simple project that can be made using your favourite colours of worsted weight yarn. I have included direct links to those tutorials within the pattern so that you can learn more about them at an in-depth level if you’d like.

Let’s jump in and get crocheting! Find the free pattern below…

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Free Crochet Bag Patterns – 30 Designs to Create and Inspire

Crochet bags comes in many shapes and styles. When I put out a request to my fellow designers looking for patterns to include, I was flooded with so many beautiful designs and creative projects. I might have to make a second post to include them all!

In this collection, you’ll find 30 free crochet patterns for unique bags that are perfect for a variety of uses and occasions. Find all the free pattern links and details below…

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Crochet Dice Bag – Free Crochet Pattern

A crochet dice bag was a project that I had been wanting to make for a while. I finally sat down recently to write one up using a fun stitch with options for colour changes. We play a lot of games at our house and have accumulated quite a collection of dice, so this was definitely a useful project.

Of course, this design isn’t just for keeping your dice safe. You can also use this pouch to store other small accessories or notions. Interested in making your own? Find the free pattern below…

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