Iris Mini Bow – Free Crochet Pattern

The iris stitch has a lovely lace appearance and is the featured stitch in this pattern. Made with worsted weight yarn, this mini bow works up so fast and is a really great way to work through some of those small balls of yarn you might have in your stash.

My testers made this bow in about 15-30 minutes so it’s definitely a quick make and can be an adorable addition when stitched onto other projects.

Find the free crochet pattern below…

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Bulky Weight Crochet Patterns – 40 Designs to Make

Bulky and chunky weight yarns are so fun and squishy to crochet with. Not only do they work up quickly due to the thickness but they also create such wonderfully cozy projects. Sometimes it can be hard coming up with ideas for this type of yarn, especially if it isn’t one you use often. To share some inspiration, I’ve compiled a list of 40 crochet patterns that use bulky and chunky weight yarn. There’s something for everyone in this list from wearables to home decor! I hope you’ll take a peek at these designs and perhaps find something that pops out and jumps onto your project list.

Find the crochet patterns below…

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Easy Bulky Yarn Scarf – Free Crochet Pattern

The Cozy Stitch Scarf is here, just in time for the cool autumn weather and upcoming winter season. Made with bulky weight and faux fur yarn, it works up quickly with two simple stitches. Bulky yarn is always nice to work with because it usually works up fast due to the larger stitch size. It’s also super squishy and cozy!

This scarf has a beautiful drape and the faux fur accents on the end add a fun appearance. The length can be easily shortened or lengthened based on your preference by decreasing or increasing the row count.

Get the free pattern below…

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How to Make a Crochet Leaf in 3 Sizes

Motifs and appliques can be such fun projects to crochet. Not only are they quick to make but they can often be used as accent pieces when stitched onto other projects. Today have a a cute crochet leaf pattern to share that I’ve written up in three different sizes. You can make them in pretty shades of green for spring and summer and riches tones of red, orange and yellow for autumn.

Sew them onto wreaths, crochet pumpkins, table runners, blankets, hats, scarves…you name it! Find the free crochet patterns to all three sizes below…

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Happy Gatherings Coaster – Crochet Pattern

Say hello to my latest design, the Happy Gatherings Coaster! Using a small amount of worsted weight cotton yarn, this pattern is a quick project with a cute criss-cross accent in the middle. You can make a set for your table or simply make one or two for other uses like placing under plant pots to protect table surfaces.

Find the free crochet pattern below…

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How to Crochet the Block Stitch

The block stitch is a really fun and quick crochet stitch to work up. It’s fairly airy and open which can make a nice lightweight scarf and the eye catching appearance looks especially good in home decor pieces like table runners and placemats. The block stitch is also beautiful when used in blanket projects, especially if you’re switching colours between the DC and SC rows. As with many stitches, sometimes they might be familiar to people under a different name. You might have also seen this stitch referred to as the brick stitch although that term seems to be less common.

Learn how to crochet the block stitch below…

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Beginner Crochet Scarf – Free Pattern

Love a one skein, one stitch project? This pattern is for you! If you’re a beginner, this easy scarf pattern is an excellent way to make a practical project while practicing your tension and stitch work. For more seasoned or intermediate crocheters, this pattern is a great way to work through your yarn stash and can offer a break if you’ve been working on designs that need more attention and focus. Add them to your market table or make a few for family, friend and teacher gifts.

It looks great in one colour but a self striping yarn is also a great option (I used Lion Brand Mandala Ombre). If you know how to chain and can make a half double crochet stitch, you’re set! Find the free pattern below…

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Learning to Knit as a Crocheter

In 2010, I decided it was time to try and learn how to knit. Without really know anything about yarn, needle sizes or even knowing stitches, I headed to the bookstore and took to Youtube for tutorials. I’ll be honest, I didn’t do well. I researched the correct tools and materials, purchased what I needed and part of me expected to pick up the craft easily which definitely was not the case. Stitches that were too tight…then too lose…lopsided edges…dropped stitches…it was a mess, however, not unexpected for someone who was learning a new skill. It got to a point where I really didn’t enjoy it and put the needles in a box, shoving them into my closet. Fast forward to 2012 when I was expecting my first baby and I desperately wanted to make something handmade for my newborn. I heard about crocheting but didn’t know much about it. Once again, I found myself at the craft store adding hooks and yarn to my basket and goodness, look where that went!

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Happy Bobble Crochet Bracelet – Free Pattern

Have you made a crochet bracelet before? They are such a fun and cute accessory that is super easy to customize. You can get creative by changing the colour, yarn, button and size to suit your style and sizing preference. Perfect for summer, festivals, concerts, gifts, market tables….seriously, these sweet little bracelets are perfect for pretty much any occasion and style.

Learn how to make the Happy Bobble Bracelet below…

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Sweet Suzy Face Scrubbies – Free Crochet Pattern

Introducing the Sweet Suzy Face Scrubbies! I’m super excited to share this design as part of the Sweet Suzy collection. If you are familiar with the Sweet Suzy Washcloth and Sweet Suzy Hand Towel, these adorable face scrubbies are a cute addition to the set. My pattern testers loved how quickly they worked up and how fun they were to make.

Find the free crochet pattern for the Sweet Suzy Face Scrubbies below…

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