Ordering From WeCrochet (Is It Worth It?)

Recently I placed my first order from WeCrochet. As someone who lives in Canada, there can sometimes be hesitation ordering from outside the country. Exchange rates, shipping time and duties can play a part in deterring placing an order to a company outside the country. However, I have heard great things from other maker friends about the products available which definitely swayed my interest in ordering. I also follow WeCrochet on Instagram and was always impressed with the beautiful yarns and colours that always seemed to be popping up. So, I decided to place an order…but was it worth it?

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Rows of Happy Scarf – Free Crochet Pattern

Are you ready for a cozy pop of colour this winter? The Rows of Happy Scarf is here! This crochet pattern uses fun variations of the basic stitches along with simple colour changes to create a vibrant and exciting design. This free pattern is available on my blog! Ad-free, printer friendly versions can be found in my Etsy and Ravelry shop. The paid version also contains a helpful colour chart.

Find all the details for this fun crochet pattern below…

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Crochet Gifts To Make For Friends and Family

With so many holidays and various occasions through the year, sometimes finding the time to create a handmade item can be hard. I’ve sorted through all my Sweet Bee Crochet Patterns and have compiled a list of 10 quick and fun crochet projects that would make unique and thoughtful gifts.

All the patterns included take either one skein or one hour to make and they’ve all gone through a pattern testing process. They’re easy to read in a clear, written format and many of them have helpful tutorials and photos included.

Find all the gift ideas below…

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Crochet Christmas Tree (Happy Festive Tree Applique) – Free Pattern

I have a wonderfully versatile holiday pattern for you! It’s super fun, quick to make and has a lot of creative flexibility. You can choose to decorate your tree or keep it simple with a minimalist appearance. Crochet it in traditional colours or in more modern colours…both options look fab!

This is the perfect stash buster project because you can use any yarn with a complimenting hook size. I’ve written this pattern using worsted weight yarn but you can definitely get creative and experiment with different weights and brands. I’ve also shared ideas on ways to decorate your tree, the pattern for the teeny tiny star and ways you could use your tree applique.

Find all the details below…

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Slanted Loop Coasters – Free Crochet Pattern

Have you worked with the even moss stitch before? It’s a very easy (and beautiful) stitch combination using a mix of slip stitch and half double crochet. Small projects are the perfect way to learn and practice new stitches so today, I’m sharing a free coaster pattern with you! Learn how to crochet the even moss stitch and how to incorporate it into a project.

Learn more below…

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Behind The Scenes of Designing a Crochet Pattern

I published my first crochet pattern in July 2019. It was a small pouch, very simple and made with the single crochet stitch. It was a huge and terrifying step for me because up until then, designing wasn’t really a focus until I had an idea pop in my head and wanted to turn it into something. Something you should know about me is that I don’t like to move forward without learning about the next steps as much as I can. So of course, I spent a lot of time researching the process of pattern designing and learned the basics so that I could release my first pattern confidently and with a sense of pride.

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Crochet Pattern: Two Skein Granny Rows Wrap

The Two Skein Granny Rows Wrap is here and I’m so excited to share this design with you. The pattern release is just in time for fall so it’s perfect for keeping you cozy during those chilly days. It’s a simple row repeat which makes it a wonderful project to work on while you’re watching your favourite movie or tv show. It contains the basic stitches and would be perfect for market prep season or for ticking off those boxes on your gift giving list.

Learn more about this pattern below…

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Even Moss Stitch – Crochet Tutorial

The even moss stitch is a wonderfully simple stitch that has such an amazing texture. The 3rd loop from the half double crochet stitches create a pretty effect that becomes the focus as your project grows. The slip stitch pulls the half double crochet down just slightly to create this pretty accent.

To learn how to make the even moss stitch and for ideas on how to incorporate it into your crochet projects, please check out the tutorial below…

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Crochet Tools and Accessories

As crocheters, there are certain tools we absolutely need to do our work. Of course, our favourite hooks in a variety of sizes and obviously yarn. Those are definitely the two most important items but I was curious as to what others found to be essential tools and accessories. I was very excited to ask this question recently in my Instagram stories because everyone has different needs and different focuses when they crochet.

I have some of the most wonderful Instagram followers. They are so supportive, kind and creative and I knew that they would totally help me out with this one. And no surprise, they shared some wonderful insight into their most frequently used accessories. So, I’ve put together a post sharing the most popular items mentioned along with some of my own favourite crochet tools that I find useful.

Check it out below…

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