How To Use A Back Stitch In Crochet

The back stitch is a common feature found in embroidery and sewing. It’s also very simple to use within crochet projects and can create a beautiful effect and add embellishment to your patterns. Today I’m sharing a tutorial on how to use this stitch within your crochet and provide some examples on how it could be used.

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Suzette Stitch – Crochet Tutorial

The suzette stitch a a beautiful way to add some eye catching texture to your next crochet project. This written tutorial also includes photos to help explain stitch placements and provide a clear visual of how the swatch looks while working up the rows. Don’t forget to check out project ideas at the end! Let’s learn how to make the suzette stitch together.

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Granny Square Tutorial

Hello, hello! I’m back with another tutorial for you! If you are a new crocheter and have wanted to try a simple pattern, the classic granny square is for you. I had a lot of positive feedback with my last tutorial “How to Crochet a Hexagon” and had requests to continue making other walk-throughs using the same written and photo method. I hope you enjoy this one as well. Let’s begin:

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Crochet Hexagon Tutorial

Recently on Instagram, I shared a photo of some crochet hexagons that I was making for a blanket. A few people sent me messages asking for a pattern so I thought a tutorial would be helpful. This is a great motif to work on and is a simple, beautiful project. Along with the tutorial, I have included some ideas on how these motifs could be used. Let’s begin:

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Moss Stitch Tutorial (and how to crochet a simple scarf or cowl with it)

For this tutorial, you will need to be familiar with the basics of creating chains and the single crochet stitch.

The moss stitch (also known as the linen stitch) is a simple and repetitive pattern that is a great beginner project for creating a variety of items. Depending on the yarn and hook used, it can work up to be fairly dense without the appearance of holes or gaps. For this reason, it is a common stitch for washcloths, scarfs and blankets.

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Crochet Slang

Hi friends! If you are part of any crochet groups on Facebook, or browse through related blogs and posts on Instagram, you have probably seen some crochet slang being used. Some of them can be pretty confusing and there so many that they can be hard to keep track of.

I have gone through and made a handy list, just for you! I’ve compiled the most popular crochet slang so you can bookmark it, save it to your phone, or pin it to your crochet Pinterest board for future reference.

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