Even Moss Stitch – Crochet Tutorial

The even moss stitch is a wonderfully simple stitch that has such an amazing texture. The 3rd loop from the half double crochet stitches create a pretty effect that becomes the focus as your project grows. The slip stitch pulls the half double crochet down just slightly to create this pretty accent.

To learn how to make the even moss stitch and for ideas on how to incorporate it into your crochet projects, please check out the tutorial below…

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Lemon Peel Stitch – Crochet Tutorial

The Lemon Peel stitch is a wonderful variation of the basic stitches. If you can chain, single crochet and double crochet, you’ve got this! This stitch combination creates a solid and textured design that is perfect for a variety of uses. After the tutorial, I’ll share some creative ideas on how you can incorporate this stitch into your crochet projects.

Let’s learn how to crochet the Lemon Peel stitch…

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