Crochet Tools and Accessories

As crocheters, there are certain tools we absolutely need to do our work. Of course, our favourite hooks in a variety of sizes and obviously yarn. Those are definitely the two most important items but I was curious as to what others found to be essential tools and accessories. I was very excited to ask this question recently in my Instagram stories because everyone has different needs and different focuses when they crochet.

I have some of the most wonderful Instagram followers. They are so supportive, kind and creative and I knew that they would totally help me out with this one. And no surprise, they shared some wonderful insight into their most frequently used accessories. So, I’ve put together a post sharing the most popular items mentioned along with some of my own favourite crochet tools that I find useful.

Check it out below…

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Tip Tuesday – Crocheting On The Go

I have to be honest, I love my little travel crochet bag. Since it’s not really that practical to carry around large projects, this is a great way to bring your crochet with you and whip up some quick makes. Items like mittens, cowls, hats, scarves, small baskets, headbands, coasters, etc. are all fantastic and easily portable project ideas. But what should you keep in it?

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Tip Tuesday – All About Yarn Weight

Depending on how long you’ve been crocheting, your comfort level with yarn may vary. Often, beginners tend to stick to the same yarn because it’s familiar and it’s easy to work with. Generally, worsted weight is the go-to when learning or practicing. There are so many different types of yarn and today I’d like to talk about the different weights and what projects you might use them for.

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