Tip Tuesday – Connecting Online


Crochet groups are fabulous. They offer a number of benefits and can be a huge source of knowledge and information. The best part is, you can join them from home and connect with other makers from all over world. But what are the benefits? What makes them so great?

All crocheters have questions, no matter the skill level. Being part of an online group is extremely beneficial for this reason. Someone out there is bound to have the answer you need…or know where you can find it! Want to know how to substitute yarn? Need a pattern recommendation? Not sure what to make and need some inspiration? Boom. Crochet groups have you covered.

There are so many groups on Facebook which are all free to join. You’ll find hundreds to thousands of members within them, especially the groups aimed at world wide connections (local groups will be smaller). With all those people, the inspiration and ideas are truly endless. Colour combinations, project ideas, pattern recommendations, questions about technique or understanding stitches are all examples of things you’ll find within these groups. Learn about new skills, see what other people are making, what colours they’re using, discover new yarn or new crochet accessories. Find out about crochet books, youtube channels, blogs and podcasts.

And perhaps, you’ll have an answer to a question that someone else has and you can pass some words of wisdom and encouragement on to them.

You’ll also find Facebook groups related to crochet-along projects, or for making items needed at local hospitals or shelters. But if crochet groups aren’t your thing, that’s no problem!

Social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Youtube and especially Instagram are fabulous ways to connect with your craft as well. Scroll through projects from other makers, discover some indie yarn dyers, and even find tutorials and wonderful articles all related to crochet.

Do you enjoy participating within online groups or are you more comfortable quietly reading and soaking in the inspiration? We all have different comfort zones. I hope wherever yours is, that you always feel welcome here.

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Happy crocheting!