Crochet Tip Tuesday – Finding Project Happiness


Do you have a crochet project that you’re currently working on? Take a peak at it…does it make you happy?

It’s one thing to have a project and be frustrated because you’re learning a new stitch or pattern. It’s a completely different thing to work on a piece and genuinely not feel any enjoyment or connection with it. There can be a lot of pressure to make what’s popular or create the latest viral project that’s circulating on social media. Maybe the pressure comes from a family member or friend who knows you crochet and puts out endless requests for projects.

If you don’t mind the project and enjoy working on it, dive in and crochet the day away. However, give yourself permission to say no if the joy isn’t there for you. You do not need to make everything just because you can crochet.

I don’t mean to say that you shouldn’t step out of your comfort zone. I think it’s extremely important to try new stitches and patterns. It’s helpful and will expand your knowledge, skills and creativity. Perhaps you own a business where you take custom orders; a project here and there probably won’t always be in line with what you like to crochet. You’ll have to make that judgement call as to whether you want to invest your time in it.

But overall, the main message I want to share is that you shouldn’t feel guilty about putting your hook down. It can be so easy to feel resentful and negative when working on something you aren’t enjoying. Crocheting is such a wonderful skill to have and it can be filled with a lot of love and personal creativity. But, if you don’t like the project, that’s okay! Pull that yarn out, wind it back up and use it for another pattern. You wouldn’t finish a novel if it wasn’t enjoyable, right? You’d put it down and invest your time in another book that you found interesting and entertaining.

Be happy with your projects and enjoy the process of working on them. It will all shine through when it’s completed and you’ll be able to look back at it with pride and a positive connection.

Happy crocheting!