Dreamy Crochet Star Motif – Free Pattern


Hello friends! The Dreamy Crochet Star is a sweet little motif that contains only 4 rounds and works up in about 15 minutes. Use it for bunting, as an applique or attach some ribbon to turn it into an ornament. They’re super cute and as of August 18th, 2022, the pattern has received a refreshing update!

Find the free pattern below…

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As of August 18th, 2022, this pattern has been updated! A few stitches have been changed to create a more defined star shape. The pattern layout has also been updated to be consistent with my resent designs. Due to the stitch adjustments, I had this pattern re-tested to ensure it worked up as it should. Updated tester photos can be found at the end of the pattern.

This project in these photos uses Dishie cotton yarn from WeCrochet. It’s incredibly soft and comes in some amazing shades! You can read my yarn review by click the photo below. Haven’t ordered from WeCrochet before? I have a review for that too!

– This pattern is written in US terms
– Gauge is not important for this pattern
– Not all beginning chains count as stitches. Please refer to each round for clarification
– Special stitch tutorials are included within the pattern
– After completion, a quick blocking might be beneficial to shape your star

Materials Needed:
–  Approximately 9-10 yards of worsted weight yarn (I used Dishie from WeCrochet). Buy the yarn for this pattern here
– 4mm hook (I used my Furls Streamline Swirl Cream)
– Yarn needle
– Scissors

CH – Chain
SS – Slip Stitch
SC – Single Crochet
HDC – Half Double Crochet
DC – Double Crochet
PFDC – Front Post Double Crochet
PIC – Picot

Special Stitch Tutorials:
Picot (PIC) – CH 3. SS into the third CH from the hook. Picot stitch complete.

Front Post Double Crochet (FPDC) – Yarn over. Insert your hook from the front of the row between stitch posts. Work your hook behind the post of next stitch and back out the other side of the post (towards you). Yarn over and pull up a loop (3 loops on hook). Yarn over, pull through 2 loops on hook. Yarn over, pull through last 2 remaining loops on hook.

To begin, CH 3 and SS into beginning CH to form a loop OR create a magic circle.

Round 1:
CH 3 (counts as 1 DC) and place 1 DC into circle. *CH 2, and place 2 DC into the circle*. Repeat from * to * 3 more times. CH 2 and SS into the top of your beginning CH 3.

(10 DC, 5 CH 2 spaces)

Round 2:
CH 1 (does not count as a stitch). Create 1 FPDC around the beginning CH 3 from round 1 and the DC stitch next to it. In the next CH 2 space, make 1 SC, 1 SS, 1 SC. *Place 1 FPDC around each of the next 2 DC stitches. In the next CH 2 space, make 1 SC, 1 SS, 1 SC*. Repeat from * to * 3 more times. SS into the top of the beginning FPDC.

(10 FPDC, 10 SC, 5 SS)

Round 3:
(see photo A below for stitch placement) CH 4 and SS into the next DC. Into the next stitch, place 1 SC. 1 SS in the CH 2 space from round 1. Place 1 SC into the following stitch. *SS into the next DC and then CH 4. SS into the following DC. Into the next stitch, place 1 SC. 1 SS in the CH 2 space from round 1, Place 1 SC into the following stitch*. Repeat from * to * 3 more times. SS into the first CH of your beginning CH 4.

(5 CH 4 spaces, 15 SS, 10 SC)

Round 4:
Working directly *in the next CH 4 space, make: 1 SC, 1 HDC, 1 DC, 1 PIC, 1 DC, 1 HDC, 1 SC. In the next stitch, place 1 SC. Make 1 SS in the next stitch and 1 SC in the following stitch*. Repeat from * to * 4 more times. SS into the top of the beginning SC. Fasten off and weave in ends.

(5 SS, 20 SC, 10 HDC, 10 DC, 5 PIC)

That’s it! I told you it was a fast little project. Even though it’s a small design, I owe my testers a BIG thank you for sharing their time and talents with me. Check out their versions below:

Ideas For Use:

  • Crochet a long chain and stitch the stars even across into it to create bunting!
  • Attach a ribbon to one point and hang as an ornament
  • Attach a ribbon to one point and hang as a tag on a gift bag
  • Sew the starts onto blankets, bags and throw pillows as an accent

I hope you enjoyed this pattern! If you are looking for more fun and simple crochet projects, check out the ideas below:

Happy crocheting!