Suzette Stitch Dishcloth – Free Crochet Pattern

The suzette stitch is an easy but eye catching crochet stitch that creates a beautiful texture. It works really nicely for dishcloths and has a simple, one row repeat. If you can single crochet and double crochet, you can do the suzette stitch!

Learn how to make a quick dishcloth using your favourite worsted weight cotton yarn with this easy pattern. A special stitch tutorial is included along with instructions on how to crochet a smaller or bigger size to suit your preference.

Find the free pattern below…

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V-Stitch Bracelet – Free Crochet Pattern

I’m happy to share the V-Stitch Bracelet with you today! This pattern was originally published as a paid only bundle in June 2021. I have recently updated the designs and will be releasing them individually in my Etsy and Ravelry shops and offering them for free here on my website.

This design is a fun project to make for festivals, concerts, market tables and as gifts! Make one (or a few) in your favourite colours or to match a special outfit. Find the free pattern below…

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Cute and Cozy Neck Warmer – Free Crochet Pattern

Check out this super cute and speedy neck warmer! Made with bulky weight yarn, this project is cozy, full of texture and SO easy! I used less than one skein of Lion Brand Hue + Me yarn which is amazing because you know I love a one skein project. Looking for the free pattern? Find all the details below…

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Breezy Bobble Tote Bag – Free Crochet Pattern

If you’re looking for a stylish and practical pattern, this crochet tote bag is for you! Made with worsted weight cotton yarn, this design works up by crocheting two panels and seaming them together. Add store bought handles or if you prefer, instructions for a simple crochet strap are included. Want to make your own? Find the free pattern for the Breezy Bobble Tote Bag below…

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Even Moss Stitch Bookmark – Free Crochet Pattern

The even moss stitch is great if you’re looking for some fun texture and in a project. Using only slip stitches and half double crochet, it’s wonderful to use in so many different patterns. Today I’m sharing a really simple bookmark design that uses this stitch throughout. If the even moss stitch is new to you, don’t worry! There’s a tutorial included!

Crochet your own even moss stitch bookmark below…

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Suzette Stitch Hook Pouch- Large (Free Crochet Pattern)

After a few requests, I’m happy to share a new, larger version of my Suzette Hook Pouch! The original design (here) is perfectly lovely for stashing away a one to two hooks but there’s room for more in the larger version!

The pattern uses the same pretty suzette stitch and works wonderfully to keep your crochet hooks together in your project bag.

Get the free pattern below…

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Crochet V Stitch Scarf (Free Pattern)

I love a one skein project, especially when the yarn is self striping. I had a single Caron Cake sitting on my yarn shelf and thought it would look great as a scarf made using a simple v-stitch. I chose to let the colour transition happen naturally but you might choose to cut and rejoin the yarn in a more natural place, such as the beginning of a row.

This pattern uses only one stitch throughout so it’s an easy one to put down and pick up again. My testers told me they found relaxing and enjoyable to work on which is always great in a project.

Find the free pattern below…

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Iris Mini Bow – Free Crochet Pattern

The iris stitch has a lovely lace appearance and is the featured stitch in this pattern. Made with worsted weight yarn, this mini bow works up so fast and is a really great way to work through some of those small balls of yarn you might have in your stash.

My testers made this bow in about 15-30 minutes so it’s definitely a quick make and can be an adorable addition when stitched onto other projects.

Find the free crochet pattern below…

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How to Make a Crochet Leaf in 3 Sizes

Motifs and appliques can be such fun projects to crochet. Not only are they quick to make but they can often be used as accent pieces when stitched onto other projects. Today have a a cute crochet leaf pattern to share that I’ve written up in three different sizes. You can make them in pretty shades of green for spring and summer and riches tones of red, orange and yellow for autumn.

Sew them onto wreaths, crochet pumpkins, table runners, blankets, hats, scarves…you name it! Find the free crochet patterns to all three sizes below…

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Happy Bobble Crochet Bracelet – Free Pattern

Have you made a crochet bracelet before? They are such a fun and cute accessory that is super easy to customize. You can get creative by changing the colour, yarn, button and size to suit your style and sizing preference. Perfect for summer, festivals, concerts, gifts, market tables….seriously, these sweet little bracelets are perfect for pretty much any occasion and style.

Learn how to make the Happy Bobble Bracelet below…

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