How to Make a Crochet Leaf in 3 Sizes

Motifs and appliques can be such fun projects to crochet. Not only are they quick to make but they can often be used as accent pieces when stitched onto other projects. Today have a a cute crochet leaf pattern to share that I’ve written up in three different sizes. You can make them in pretty shades of green for spring and summer and riches tones of red, orange and yellow for autumn.

Sew them onto wreaths, crochet pumpkins, table runners, blankets, hats, scarves…you name it! Find the free crochet patterns to all three sizes below…

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Happy Bobble Crochet Bracelet – Free Pattern

Have you made a crochet bracelet before? They are such a fun and cute accessory that is super easy to customize. You can get creative by changing the colour, yarn, button and size to suit your style and sizing preference. Perfect for summer, festivals, concerts, gifts, market tables….seriously, these sweet little bracelets are perfect for pretty much any occasion and style.

Learn how to make the Happy Bobble Bracelet below…

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Cute Colour Block Washcloth – Free Crochet Pattern

I love crocheting washcloths and incorporating fun colours and stitches within them. My own pile of washcloths is growing so much that I’ve started giving them to family and friends when we see each other. They work up really quickly and are perfect for tossing in a small bag for travelling or when you have a few minutes in your day to pass some time.

Today I’m posting my latest crochet pattern called the Cute Colour Block Washcloth. It uses simple stitches but is a great opportunity to practice your colour changes and explore working with different shades.

Find the free crochet pattern below…

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Simple Suzette Neck Warmer – Free Crochet Pattern

Here we are in Ontario, Canada. It’s July with temperatures sitting around 30 degrees celsius and I’m getting inspired to make fall and winter wearables. When inspiration strikes, you run with it! This free crochet pattern would actually make an excellent summer project because it’s on the small side so you’re not overheating like you might while working on big, heavy blankets. It’s also easy to travel with so taking it on your summer adventures would be really easy to do!

Check out the free pattern for the Simple Suzette Neck Warmer below…

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V Stitch Plant Pot Cozy – Free Crochet Pattern

Are you ready for another fun and free crochet pattern? It’s getting to be warm and humid here in Ontario and typically in the warmer weather, I like to work on small projects. Things I can crochet while on a road trip, sitting on the deck or at the campsite. This plant pot cozy pattern is really great for travelling with and you can personalize by using one shade of yarn or multiple colours.

This would be a really cute teacher gift, adding this over a small plant pot with a little thank you note tied to the top. It doesn’t take much time and adding a handmade touch always adds something special.

Learn how to crochet the V Stitch Plant Pot Cozy below…

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Extended Stitch Washcloth – Free Crochet Pattern

I really love having crochet washcloths around the house. I typically use them for cleaning as I find the fibres and texture do a wonderful job on most surfaces. They’re a great project for when you want something small to work on and they make excellent gifts!

My latest pattern is called the Extended Stitch Washcloth for its use of the extended single crochet stitch. If this stitch is new to you, don’t worry! I have included a tutorial within the pattern notes. Ready to make this fun and quick project? Find all the details below…

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Crochet Bookmark – Free Pattern

Say hello to the Granny Stitch Bookmark! This pattern has a delicate and classic appearance created by the use of lace weight yarn within the design. It’s thin enough to fit nicely inside your favourite book and the length can be easily adjusted with a simple row repeat.

Make one for yourself, as a gift for your reading buddies or as a cute and unique addition to your market table. Find all the details along with the free pattern below…

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Step Into Spring Crochet Bag – Free Pattern

Even though it’s still March and we have snow on the ground, spring is on my mind! I designed this simple crochet bag that creates some cute spring vibes with the addition of sweet little flower accents stitched into the corner.

It works up quickly and has a lot of flexibility for personalization when it comes to colours, buttons and the strap. You can find all the free pattern details below…

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Suzette Ridge Crochet Washcloth – Free Pattern

The suzette stitch makes another appearance on my blog in this new crochet washcloth design. It’s definitely one of my favourite stitches and with the beautiful texture and dense appearance, you can see why it’s a great choice for projects like washcloths.

The simple ridges in the middle are eye catching and create a nice break in the repetitiveness of the suzette stitch. This washcloth works up quickly and has a simple edging to provide a neat and tidy finish. Learn more about this design and find the free pattern below…

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Beginner Double Crochet Scarf – Free Pattern

When I think back to my early days of learning crochet, I remember how badly I want to learn more than the simple chains, swatches and granny squares. It was with that in mind that I created the Beginner Double Crochet Scarf. The end result is a practical project that uses the basic stitches (chains, single crochet and double crochet) and would make a wonderful wearable item for you or a friend.

Find all the details along with the free pattern below…

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