Tip Tuesday – Crocheting On The Go


I have to be honest, I love my little travel crochet bag. Since it’s not really that practical to carry around large projects, this is a great way to bring your crochet with you and whip up some quick makes. Items like mittens, cowls, hats, scarves, small baskets, headbands, coasters, etc. are all fantastic and easily portable project ideas. But what should you keep in it?

Currently, my travel bag contains two skeins of DK yarn for some solid granny squares that I’m making for a Battenberg blanket. I found this bag on Amazon and it works really well for me. There are grommets in the top so I can pull my yarn through without risking my yarn falling out or getting tangled. There’s a zippered section in the front where I can store my finished squares which is a nice option so they don’t get twisted up in the skeins. This bag can comfortably hold 3-4 average sized skeins and fits nicely on my lap. I also have a larger bag that’s about the size of a yoga mat and has straps so I can carry it over my shoulder.

Also in my bag, I have this adorable zippered pouch from Maker 37. In it, I keep a few extra hooks (3.5 mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm), scissors, a yarn needle, stitch markers and a small measuring tape.

This is everything I need for small projects without the worry of forgetting the required hook or yarn at home. It’s perfect to pass the time, doesn’t take much space and is a great opportunity to work on some small Christmas or birthday gifts.

Put together your travel bag in a way that works for what you need. Maybe it’s a tote bag you can hang on your door or a small basket you keep in the back of your car. If you find yourself on your lunch break, daily commute or passing time during a road trip dreaming about crocheting, next time just bring it with you!

Happy Crocheting!


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