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I really love the half double crochet stitch. As a basic stitch and one that a crocheter learns in the very beginning, I feel like it deserves more appreciation than it gets. For one, it’s simple but it also creates a lovely, subtle texture with the natural 3rd loop that is created. It looks wonderful on it’s own but also works beautifully mixed in-between other stitches when crocheted in rows or rounds.

There are a few different stitch variations that use the half double crochet and today I’m going to share one with you. The half double v stitch is a fun alternative to the traditional way and creates a really pretty airy and lacey effect.

Learn how to crochet the half double v stitch below…

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For this tutorial, you will need the following materials:

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  • SK (skip stitch)
  • CH (chain)
  • HDC (half double crochet)

Tutorial Notes:

  • This tutorial is written in US terms (find a stitch conversion chart here)
  • This stitch is worked in a chain that has multiples of 2
  • This stitch shows up well with a solid colour yarn but can also work nicely with a variegated yarn
  • After row 1, you will be working each stitch combination (1 HDC, CH 1, 1 HDC) into the CH 1 space of the previous row. You won’t be working directly into the tops of the stitches in the row
  • Turning CH 3 counts as a stitch
  • At the end of the row, you can choose to place your last HDC into the 3rd CH (top) of the turning CH or the CH space if you find the CH stitches too tight

Half Double V Stitch Tutorial:

For this swatch, we will begin with CH 16. If you would like to make your swatch wider, please add on any even number of chains.

Row 1:
Into the 4th CH from your hook make *1 HDC, CH 1, 1 HDC. SK 1 CH*. Repeat from * to * across the row until you have 2 CH stitches remaining. SK 1 CH and place 1 HDC into the last CH. CH 3 and turn.

Row 2:
Remember that your turning CH 3 counts as the first stitch. SK 1 stitch and into the first CH 1 space, place 1 HDC, CH 1, 1 HDC. SK the next stitch and place 1 HDC, CH 1, 1 HDC into the next CH 1 space. Repeat this sequence across the row. Once you have completed the final 1 HDC, CH 1, 1 HDC into the last CH 1 space, SK the next HDC stitch and place 1 HDC into the turning CH. CH 3 and turn.

Row 3 and beyond:
Repeat row 2. You can continue this repeat for as long as you would like! Once you reach your desired length, you can fasten off at the end of any row and weave in ends or simply pull out the swatch and wind your yarn back up to practice again another day.

Congratulations on learning a new stitch! The half double crochet v stitch is great for a variety of projects. Simply create a chain appropriate to the width of the project and repeat row 2 until you have completed the length you need. Here are some ideas:

  • Scarves
  • Washcloths
  • Blankets
  • Coasters
  • Table runners
  • Placemats

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Happy Crocheting!


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