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Lion Brand Heartland was a wonderful find and a yarn that I quite enjoyed crocheting with. I was happy to discover that there is a great selection of colourways available that includes solids and tweeds. Today I’m sharing my review of working with Lion Brand Heartland yarn along with the details of the free pattern I designed using it.

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I was not asked to write this review. I purchased this yarn because it caught my eye and I’m sharing my personal experience purchasing and working with this yarn.

As of writing this review, Lion Brand has two weights of Heartland, worsted and super bulky (discontinued) listed on their website. This review is for Heartland worsted.

Fibre Content:

Depending on the colourway and style, the fibre content of this yarn could differ. I purchased the Cuyahoga Valley colourway which is 100% acrylic and considered a “solid” yarn. There are also tweed options which contain 94% acrylic and 6% rayon.

Yarn Information:

Noted as a premium yarn on the Lion Brand website, this yarn features unique mixtures of colour that display a tweed and heathered appearance. Also mentioned is that the colours are meant to represent the American landscapes and well known natural landmarks.

The Lion Brand website currently (as of January 2023) lists an impressive 38 colourway options in a variety of shades which makes mixing and matching skeins easy to suit the look of your project. With the choice of solids and tweed, there are some really beautiful options to work with. My Cuyahoga Valley colourway had the most gorgeous mixture of teal and turquoise shades that added some nice, subtle depth when worked up.

Each skein of Heartland worsted contains approximately 251 yards (230 m) and 5oz (142 g) of yarn. Please pay close attention to the label as it is mentioned on the Lion Brand website that the tweed version contains less.

The recommended hook size for this yarn is 6mm while 5.5mm is suggested for my knitting friends. Of course, it’s important to take into account the notes within the pattern you are making as the designer might specify a different hook to work up the project or achieve proper gauge. I used a 5mm crochet hook to make my scarf and it turned out nicely with the stitches I used and wasn’t very tight, still maintaining a nice and comfortable drape. If you’re interested in some of my favourite hooks, I really enjoy using the WeCrochet Radiant hooks and the Furls Wooden Streamline hooks.

Washing Instructions:

Lion Brand Heartland’s label states that it is machine washable and dryable! Most acrylic yarns now have this feature which makes maintaining your projects and handmade gifts easy to care for. I haven’t yet washed the project I made using this yarn so I can’t comment on how well it stands up after being washed but I will update my review when that time comes. As a personal preference, I do like to put my smaller projects (scarves, hats, etc.) into small laundry bags to keep them from getting tangled and stretched amongst other items. I often also lay them flat to dry because I do find placing in the dryer can sometimes cause a little bit of fuzzing. With Heartland already having a bit of a halo, I would probably continue to do that with this yarn as well.

Other Label Details:

Lion Brand labels are always full of helpful information. On the front, you’ll find the classic Lion Brand logo and yarn line name/details.

As you keep turning the skein, you’ll see a clear and simply laid out section that shares the important details like yardage, weight, washing instructions, fibre weight, recommended hook/needle sizes along with where the yarn was made.

Continuing down the label, the logos of the social media platforms are visible so you can go to your favourite and search for Lion Brand to like/follow/etc. for future updates and see what’s new.

Also found on the label is a lovely note that’s extremely important and that is making sure all your dye lots match (if you buy more than one skein). This will ensure consistency within your project! Right underneath, are details like the article number, colour number and the extra special dye lot number.

There isn’t anything too fancy or exciting inside the label, however, they do list the Lion Brand website where you can find various patterns, tutorials and tips for crocheters and knitters alike.

What Can I Make With It?

Heartland yarn has a decent amount of yardage which means more bang for your buck, especially with larger projects like blankets. Because of the acrylic fibre content, this yarn is suitable for a variety of projects such as cardigans, scarves, neck warmers, hats, etc. It is quite soft so any project that might be directly against your skin should feel quite comfortable to wear when made with Heartland. The scarf I made from this yarn is very comfortable around my neck and doesn’t feel scratchy or irritating.

Where Can I Buy It?

You can find Heartland yarn in quite a few different shops. I live in Canada and found it available at online retailers like the WeCrochet, Yarn Canada, Amazon and the Lion Brand website. In store, I’ve seen Heartland available at Michaels and Walmart. Prices seem to vary from $6.99-$13.00 so if it’s possible, take some time pricing them out between your favourite places to buy yarn and hopefully you can save a few dollars.

So, How Does It Work Up?

I really enjoyed working with this yarn. It’s very soft and I did not run into any twisting, pilling, knots or tangles while crocheting with Heartland. One thing that really irritates me is finding inconsistences mid project creating a slow down when I’m in the creative mood. It’s always a really nice experience when the fibre is easy to work with without any troubles. There is a slight halo effect but I think it goes with the vibe and style of the yarn. I did notice that the little halo fibres become more prominent with use so that’s something to be aware if that particular effect isn’t something you’re into.

I used this yarn to crochet a simple, beginner friendly scarf using chains and the double crochet stitch. It looked quite lovely with simple stitches I imagine it would look great with some textured stitches as well. Click the image below or the link to find the free pattern for the Beginner Double Crochet Scarf.

Have you worked with Lion Brand Heartland? I’d love to hear about what you made or what your favourite colouway is! Feel free to leave a comment below or head over to my contact page for all the ways we can connect.

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