Lion Brand Heartland – Yarn Review

Lion Brand Heartland was a wonderful find and a yarn that I quite enjoyed crocheting with. I was happy to discover that there is a great selection of colourways available that includes solids and tweeds. Today I’m sharing my review of working with Lion Brand Heartland yarn along with the details of the free pattern I designed using it.

You can find all the details below…

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Lion Brand Landscapes – Yarn Review

Have you ever bought yarn strictly based on the colourway? I think many of us have. I was browsing online (you’ll understand the rabbit hole of yarn shopping) and found Lion Brand Landscapes. It looked very beautiful and I immediately added some to my cart without knowing much about it. Sometimes the challenge of figuring out a plan after I bought the yarn can be kind of fun. I also thought it would be a great opportunity to add another yarn review to the blog so I could share my experience with others.

You can find my review along photos below…

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Stroll Tonal Mini Pack – Yarn Review

Stroll Tonal Mini Packs from WeCrochet was an item that caught my attention and was quickly added to my cart. Working with the incredible colours and having a challenge to create a project with one pack of mini skeins was a fun thought for me. I enjoy designing small projects and working with new yarns so this was definitely a win-win!

Today I’m sharing my review of Stroll Tonal Mini Packs. How it works up, what’s good about it and if you should consider adding it to your yarn stash.

Read my review below…

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Dishie Worsted Cotton – Yarn Review

Dishie cotton yarn has been a fairly recent discovery for me. A crochet friend uses it regularly and recommended it to me knowing I enjoy working with cotton yarn. I am so thankful she told me about it because I fell in love! I suppose that’s a pretty obvious giveaway as to what direction this yarn review is going!

If you haven’t worked with WeCrochet Dishie yarn yet, allow me to introduce you to it and share all the reasons why it’s been permanently added into my yarn stash. Read all about it below…

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Red Heart Super Saver O’Go – Yarn Review

Red Heart Super Saver is a classic yarn that is popular amongst knitters and crocheters alike. With beautiful colours, competitive prices and being available in many major craft retailers, it’s a staple for many fibre artists. Recently, a new format was released called Red Heart Super Saver O’Go. It boasts ease of use without tangles or the hassles that traditional skeins can sometimes have. But does it actually work and is it practical?

I purchased two Super Saver O’Go’s in the “Christmas” colourway to find out and share with you what I learned. You can read about my experience and review below. Please note that I am not being paid for this review nor was I asked to write it. I simply enjoy trying new yarn!

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Lion Brand Mandala – Yarn Review

Lion Brand Mandala is a self striping light weight cake style yarn. I’ll be honest….it’s definitely one of my favourites. I love the colourway options and the amount of yarn in one is just perfect for crocheting small and portable projects (hats, scarves, etc). There is a lot to chat about with this yarn so let’s jump in and learn more about Lion Brand Mandala.

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My Experience With A DIY Yarn Dye Kit

Earlier this summer, I was browsing through some beautiful hand dyed yarn online. They were all so unique and filled with amazing colour combinations that were so creatively inspiring. While scrolling through Etsy, I discovered yarn dye kits. Hand dyed yarn seemed like something that was way out of my skill level. I didn’t know anything about the process and I certainly lacked appropriate studio space to create my own. But guess what? It WAS something I could do and I’m so glad I tried it. Let me share some of the experience with you:

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Yarn Review – Scheepjes Colour Crafter

I’m really excited to share this yarn review with you today. I have been wanting to try this brand for a long time and when I found it available on the website of my favourite online yarn retailer, I loaded up my cart. I’m sharing all the details and my personal thoughts on Scheepjes Colour Crafter Yarn. Let’s go!

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