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Have you ever bought yarn strictly based on the colourway? I think many of us have. I was browsing online (you’ll understand the rabbit hole of yarn shopping) and found Lion Brand Landscapes. It looked very beautiful and I immediately added some to my cart without knowing much about it. Sometimes the challenge of figuring out a plan after I bought the yarn can be kind of fun. I also thought it would be a great opportunity to add another yarn review to the blog so I could share my experience with others.

You can find my review along photos below…

This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you decide to purchase items through the links I have shared, I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). Thank you for supporting the time and work I put into this website and pattern designing.

I was not asked to write this review. I purchased this yarn because it caught my eye and I’m sharing my personal experience purchasing and working with this yarn. Although I am an affiliate with Lion Brand Yarn, I only share and link to products I have personally used and enjoy working with.

Fibre Content:

Lion Brand Landscapes is 100% acrylic yarn.

Yarn Information:

Landscapes is a product of Lion Brand Yarn. There are a few different lines of this yarn available on the Lion Brand website: “Landscapes Breeze”, “Landscapes Fusion” and simply, “Landscapes” which is the focus of this review.

At the time of writing this post, Lion Brand lists 9 different colourways on their website. They included:
– Volcano (the colourway I purchased and that is seen in the photos in this post)
– Coral Reef
– Blue Lagoon
– Metropolis
– Apple Orchard
– Mountain Range
– Boardwalk
– Tropics
– Desert Spring

Each skein contains approximately 100 g/3.5 oz of yarn at a length of 134 m/147 yds. This yarn is a worsted weight and the recommended hook size is 6.5mm. For the suzette stitch scarf that is seen in the photos later in the blog post, I used a 5mm hook with good results. I used my Radiant hook from WeCrochet and found it to be extra helpful, especially since the tip of the hook has a nice inline feature. It grabbed the yarn well and allowed me to find stitches in the previous fairly easily. Depending on the stitches you used, they can be a little tricky to work into which is why a hook like this might be beneficial to you.

Lion Brand Landscapes is a single plied roving yarn. Usually with plied yarn, you’ll see individual strands wound together to make a particular thickness which gives you a specific yarn weight (DK, worsted, etc.) However, since this is listed as single ply, it’s simply one strand of yarn. Roving yarn could be considered a long strand of stretched fibre that usually isn’t spun but can be lightly twisted. Combining these two methods gives an interesting result.

Sometimes with plied yarn, your hook can catch on a single strand when completing stitches (splitting). With this Landscapes I didn’t find that to be an issue because there is only one strand. However, because of the roving aspect, there are some other little details which could make the yarn tricky to work with.

The yarn while extremely beautiful isn’t quite consistent in size. I mean this in the sense of some sections are thin and some sections are thick. Don’t mistake this to be a downside however because it actually creates a really great opportunity for stitch texture and definition. It’s quite pretty and I don’t consider this to be a flaw in the yarn. I tried working the bobble stitch using Landscapes and it was difficult because of the inconsistent thickness. I switched up to some more basic stitches and had SUCH beautiful results.

The other aspect to working with this yarn is that it is unfortunately, not very forgiving. The roving style does create a noticeable halo that can twist around stitches making it very difficult to pull out previous stitches/rows. If you need to go back, fix or adjust previous parts of your projects, it will require patience and maybe a small, sharp pair of scissors to free up those little snags. If you do find this yarn a little difficult in the sense of locating particular rows or stitches, I would recommend a stitch marker to help keep things on track.

Landscapes is a soft yarn with a lot of squish factor. To me, the skein felt lightweight and almost like it already some drape however when it was worked up with a 5mm hook, it became a bit more dense and lost a bit of that lightweight appearance. There was still a lot of flexibility and movement to this yarn and I would imagine if you used the recommended hook size (I didn’t because I did want a tighter appearance) that it would loosen things up a bit. The colours mixed in throughout the skein are absolutely stunning and I think that creates a level of enjoyment in the project because the shades are constantly changing, and it keeps things exciting.

Washing Instructions:

Lion Brand Landscapes is machine washable (yay!) on a gentle cycle with a recommendation to lay flat to dry. No ironing, do not bleach and it can be dry cleaned without the use of any solvent except trichloroethylene (that’s symbol for that is a “P” with a circle around it). Trichloroethylene is a chemical that can damage delicate fibres (hands up if had to research that one…*raises hand*).

Other Label Details:

If a label can be considered extensive, it’s this one. There’s a lot of helpful information to unpack so let’s check it out together.

You’ll find the majestic Lion Brand Yarns logo at the top with the name of the yarn line along with a photo of that yarn made into a project and modeled. Underneath that, you’ll see fibre content, weight/yardage and a small little note that mentions the project number for the pattern in the photo you saw above. Yarn weight (worsted), recommended needle and hook size and washing instructions with symbols are also clearly visible.

Underneath all that, is a photo of a swatch that displays an example of how the colours in that skein works up. That’s pretty handy and definitely a great idea because sometimes it’s really hard to get a good vision of how certain colourways might work up. I love this detail!

There are important notes about matching dye lots, the name of the colourway and information like the article number, colour number and lot number.

We can see that this yarn was made in Turkey for the Lion Brand Yarn Company.

Another really great and helpful detail is that if you look on the edges of both outside and inside of the label, there’s a ruler printed on. You might not need it but the fact that’s easily accessible and comes with your yarn is pretty cool. If you flip your yarn label over to the inside, you can find all the social media details for Lion Brand if you want to connect or share photos of your Lion Brand projects.

What Can I Make With It?

On the Lion Brand website, they mention garments and accessories as being a particularly good fit for Landscapes. I made a scarf using the suzette stitch with my skeins and it worked up really well. I was pleased with the result and would definitely use it again for similar projects. I’ve seen this yarn made into blankets and hats which would be so cozy and beautiful. I find this yarn mixed with simple stitches is a great option.

Where Can I Buy It?

Lion Brand Landscapes can be purchased directly from the Lion Brand website. It’s also widely available at many major retailers. I live in Canada and have seen it sold at Walmart, Michaels, Len’s Mills, Amazon, and Yarn Canada.

So, How Does It Work Up?

I used this yarn in the Volcano colourway to create a very simple, beginner friendly scarf using the suzette stitch. I love the stitch definition and the beautiful colour transitions throughout the scarf. It’s definitely soft and cozy and will be perfect for keeping warm throughout the fall and winter.

This yarn would be great for people looking to crochet colourful statement projects that are soft, squishy and warm. If you are looking to try something new that’s a little different to the traditional plied yarn that’s so common, Landscapes would be perfect.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my review or if you have your own experience working with Lion Brand Landscapes. Tell me about what you made with it and your favourite colourways!

I hope you enjoyed reading. Happy crocheting!


2 thoughts on “Lion Brand Landscapes – Yarn Review

  1. Does anyone have any leads to where I can purchase more than one skein of Sand Dune Landscapes yarn? It’s as if it’s discontinued but it’s supposedly not, anyone?

    • Hi Yolanda. I did some searching and found that Lion Brand has a few Landscapes colourways available on their website but not “Sand Dune” which to me, suggests that particular one might be discontinued. Amazon, Walmart and Mary Maxim all came up empty as well for that colourway. It might be beneficial to check Etsy or see if you can find any yarn selling groups on Facebook. I hope you can find some!

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