Free Crochet Pattern – Loops and Ridges Scarf


Free crochet pattern coming your way! Although it’s August and we’ve had some recent heat waves, I can feel the mornings changing. That cool, crisp and refreshing air early in the morning as autumn begins to creep in. I absolutely love it. Summer is lovely but it’s never been my favourite. Autumn is a time of change, all things cozy and the perfect opportunity to dig out my cardigans and box of handmade scarves.

Inspired by the recent cool mornings, the Loops and Ridges scarf came about quite naturally as I was playing around with stitch combinations. This scarf is full of texture and cozy with a simple but fun sectioned repeat. I used WeCrochet Heatherly in the beautiful “Sweet Bing” colourway to make this lovely and eye catching project.

You can make your own version with the free pattern below…

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This pattern is available for free here on my blog. An ad-free, neatly formatted, printer friendly version is also available in my Etsy and Ravelry shops. Click the buttons below to take you there!

– This pattern is written in US terms
– Gauge is  4×4 inches with 8 rows and 14 of BLHDC
– Turning CH 1 does not count as a stitch
– Special stitch tutorial is included within the pattern
– This pattern works up best with lighter, solid shades of yarn. The texture and ridges can sometimes get lost in a darker or variegated colourway
– Finished scarf measures approximately 62 inches long and 6 inches wide

Materials Needed:
–  Approximately 313-314 yards of worsted weight yarn. I used WeCrochet Heatherly in “Sweet Bing”
– 5mm hook (I used my WeCrochet Radiant hook)
– Yarn needle
– Scissors

CH – Chain
SC – Single Crochet
BLSC – Back Loop Single Crochet
BLHDC – Back Loop Half Double Crochet
FLDC – Front Loop Double Crochet

Special Stitch Tutorial:
Lemon Peel Stitch –
The lemon peel stitch starts with an odd number of CH stitches OR an even number of CH stitches, plus 1. It is made by alternating SC and DC stitches, always starting with a SC ending with a DC. Detailed Tutorial – click here

This pattern uses a variation of the traditional lemon peel stitch by placing each stitch in an alternating front loop, back loop sequence. The SC stitches will be placed in the back loop, and the DC stitches will be placed in the front loop.

CH 25

Row 1:
Into the second CH from your hook and each CH across, place 1 SC. CH 1 and turn.

(24 SC stitches)

Rows 2-11 (lemon peel stitch section):
Into the first stitch, place 1 BLSC followed by 1 FLDC in the next stitch. Make 1 BLSC stitch, followed by 1 FLDC stitch. Repeat this alternating stitch sequence across the row (the last stitch should be a FLDC). CH 1 and turn.

(12 BLSC stitches, 12 FLDC stitches = 24 stitches)

Rows 12-21:
Into the first stitch and each stitch across the row, place 1 BLHDC. CH 1 and turn.

(24 BLHDC stitches)

Repeat rows 2-21, 5 more times (this will make up rows 22-121)

Rows 122-131:
Repeat rows 2-11

Row 132:
Into the first stitch and each stitch across the row, place 1 SC. Fasten off and weave in ends.

(24 SC stitches)

Great job! Your Loops and Ridges Scarf is complete. I hope you enjoyed working on this design! My fabulous and very talented testers made such stunning versions in the most beautiful colours. You can see their version below:

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