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Red Heart Super Saver is a classic yarn that is popular amongst knitters and crocheters alike. With beautiful colours, competitive prices and being available in many major craft retailers, it’s a staple for many fibre artists. Recently, a new format was released called Red Heart Super Saver O’Go. It boasts ease of use without tangles or the hassles that traditional skeins can sometimes have. But does it actually work and is it practical?

I purchased two Super Saver O’Go’s in the “Christmas” colourway to find out and share with you what I learned. You can read about my experience and review below. Please note that I am not being paid for this review nor was I asked to write it. I simply enjoy trying new yarn!

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Fibre Content:

This O’Go Super Saver line is made of 100% worsted weight acrylic (medium 4).

Yarn Information:

Super Saver O’Go yarn is a Red Heart product (now part of Yarnspirations). It is wound in a particularly helpful way that allows for ease of use with little frustration. To use, remove the packaging and find the little plastic fastener holding the two ends together. Give a little snip with your scissors to that piece of plastic and pull it out through one of the ends. Easy peasy and your yarn is ready to go! The yarn tail is quick to find on either end which means you’ll be able to start your project right when inspiration strikes!

Available in different lines and weights, the Yarnspirations website lists O’Go being available in: Bernat Blanket, Caron Colorama, Caron Big Donut and Red Heart Super Saver which is what I will be reviewing today. O’Go yarn is available in self striping shades with a few solid accent colours in each line.

In the self striping/prints, each Super Saver O’Go weighs 5 oz/141 g with 236 yds/215 m in length. The solid colour Super Saver O’Go’s weigh 7 oz/198 g with 364 yds/333 me in length. For comparison purposes, the traditional skein of Red Heart Super Saver stripes/prints has the same length and weight! The same can be said for the solid colour skeins.

The recommended hook size is 5.5mm (US/I-9) or if you are knitting, 5mm needles (US 8). For my crochet project using Super Saver O’Go, I found 6mm to be the best fit for the yarn and stitches being used. Of course, please adjust your hook according to the instructions within your pattern.

I did find this yarn to feel slightly thicker than the traditional Super Saver yarn. I’m not sure if it was just me but I compared the two side by side and there was a difference. I usually use a 4mm or 5mm crochet hook when using Super Saver but found that the stitches were too tight. Once I switched up to a 6mm, it was much more comfortable and looked much better. I also found it a bit softer than the original Super Saver line.

There are no dye lots for this yarn.

Washing Instructions:

Red Heart Super Saver O’Go is machine washable and dryable! It can be washed in warm water on a gentle cycle and can be placed in a dryer on a low tumble setting with a special note to not overdry. Because it is acrylic, ironing is not recommended nor is the use of bleach. If you have a large project or a particularly delicate make, the label does mention that this yarn can be professionally dry cleaned.

Other Label Details:

This particular yarn was made in Turkey is patent pending. It is branded as “tangle-free” (which I found to be true!) with a quick start to your project (also true!).

On the label is a small picture of a pattern with the amount of yarn needed to make it along with the hook size. There is also a QR code that you can scan which will take you directly to the Yarnspirations website that contains O’Go patterns based on the line of O’Go you purchased. In my case, I was taken to all the Super Saver patterns. I thought this was a fun addition to the yarn label and a very handy little add-on. If you found O’Go in the store but you couldn’t think of what to make, you could scan it on the spot for ideas! You would also know exactly how much yarn you would need to grab. That’s pretty handy and clever!

Something very important about the yarn label is that it does include instructions on how to prepare it for use. I promise, it’s very easy (only 3 steps) and includes helpful photos with a simple walk through. Fabulous!

What Can I Make With It?

Whatever you’d like! Because this particular colourway is self striping, the sections of solid colour still allow for a clear display of stitches and texture (O’Go Super Saver also comes in single, solid colourways) . You can use Super Saver O’Go as you would with any other worsted weight yarn.

Blankets, cardigans/sweaters, motifs, hats, ear warmers, blankets, throw pillow covers, slippers….the possibilities of what you can make with worsted yarn is truly endless. Do keep in mind though your colourway choice. Because the colourway I chose is self striping, where the colours fall can be random unless you cut it and transition in a particular spot. However, with many different colourway options, both self striping and single solid colours, there are a ton of creative crochet options for you.

Where Can I Buy It?

I live in Canada and purchased my two O’Go yarns through for $5.97 CDN. I have also seen it being sold through Yarn Canada, Mary Maxim and the Yarnspirations website. It seems to me that most places seem to offer O’Go where the classic skeins of Super Saver, etc. are being sold. I have not seen O’Go being sold through Michaels Canada but perhaps that might be an available item in the future.

So, How Does It Work Up?

Folks, this yarn was incredibly practical to work with…I wasn’t sure what to expect with the way it’s wound but it made the process REALLY easy. There were no issues with twisting, yarn flopping around or falling on the floor. I crocheted with this yarn while having it sit on a table and I tried crocheting with it while it was shoved in a project bag. It was easy to use each time and I didn’t have to tug, pull or adjust the yarn. I was able work through my projects without much fuss which means more creative time.

The ends are easy for you to find and you can use this yarn however you want. Pull the ends and use as is, letting the colours fall where they do. Or, cut each colour section if you’re working on individual pieces for a project. I tested both methods and each worked out very nicely. I started making a chevron neck warmer using the full O’Go without cutting and it created a really gorgeous effect.

However, after a few rows I had an idea pop into my head that I just HAD to make. So I pulled out the chevron, cut all the colours into sections and started making little hexies. I was able to get 2, two round hexies from each colour and crocheted a simple single crochet border around them in white. I then stitched them together to make a festive table runner. I was SO happy with it! Besides, the colourway was called “Christmas” so in my eyes, I had to make something holiday themed. If you’d like to learn how to make crochet hexagons, check out my tutorial here: Learn To Make Crochet Hexies

There was one funny little thing I noticed about this yarn. If you’re familiar with the regular skeins of Red Heart Super Saver, you know how easy and smooth it is to work with. With the Red Heart Super Saver O’Go, it felt like there was a bit of film on the fibre. I’m not sure why or what the reasoning could be but it definitely did not have the same feel as the classic skeins. It also squeaked on my hooks while I was crocheting with it which was a little annoying. I switched up my hooks thinking that might help but it continued with every hook I used. However, it wasn’t a deal breaker for me because I truly did love the ease of working with this yarn and was really vibing with the colourway.

Is This Yarn a Hit?

I’ve seen people comment on social media that this yarn is “gimmicky” but I disagree. I think it’s innovative, fun and practical to work with. The colourways are absolutely beautiful and the O’Go format can be purchased in a few different lines and weights so there are many options based on your projects. The price is decent and comparable too.

I was happy and excited to try this yarn and I would like to add some more O’Go yarn to my stash for future projects. So to answer….yes! Give this yarn unique yarn a try!

Have you worked with O’Go yarn before? I’d love to hear what you made with it!

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  1. I also went up to a J & K hook with this. I thought the yarn seemed pretty soft at the beginning, but as I worked my way down the skein I noticed the yarn with kinks and damage to the original fibers. I looked closer to discover how it’s wound and it’s like a waffle pattern, and that is how the yarn has been damaged. All these little kinks from row after row over the waffle design have left worn kinda raggedy fibers. The pattern I’m doing is still coming out really well, I have 6 of these, and yes I’ll use them making tote bags or purses. Nice review.

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