Furls Wander – Yarn Review


If you’ve explored the many crochet groups on Facebook or postings on Instagram, you’ve probably heard the name “Furls” or have seen photos of their beautiful hooks. Did you know, they also have their own yarn line?

Today I’m sharing a review for Furls Wander yarn and you can read all about it below…

Furls generously provided this yarn for designing and review purposes. However, these thoughts and opinions are strictly my own. I have not been paid or asked to write this review and all comments are based on my own experiences of working and crocheting with this yarn.

This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you decide to purchase items through the links I have shared, I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). Thank you for supporting the time and work I put into this website and pattern designing.

I first learned about Furls a few years ago. I had joined the Instagram community to share my crochet journey and connect with other makers and designers. I quickly discovered Furls hooks and you can guess what was on my Christmas list that year! Hubby was so sweet and surprised me with a set of 5 hooks in a beautiful gift box along with a wooden stand to display and keep them safe. I have since purchased a few more and am slowly adding to my collection.

Along with their gorgeous hooks, Furls released their first yarn line, Whims Merino back in the fall/winter of 2018. In early 2021 they released Furls Wander yarn which is what I will be reviewing today.

Fibre Content:

Furls Wander yarn is 100% acrylic which makes it a versatile and practical yarn to use in many different types of projects. This yarn is made in China and is shipped from the Furls warehouse in the United States.

Yarn Information:

Wander is classified as a medium weight 4 (worsted) fibre. Each skein contains 100g of yarn at a length of 120yds/109m. At the moment, this is the only size available so you’ll need to make sure to purchase enough skeins to complete your project.

If knitting is your jam, it is recommended to use 5mm(US 8) needles with Wander. The recommended crochet hook size is 5mm(US H/8) which is what I used while working with this yarn. It was the perfect size for what I was crocheting, although please follow the suggestions within each individual pattern. I crochet with a moderate tension and generally use a hook that’s 4mm-6mm which I could also see working very well with this yarn.

A cute tidbit about this label is that in the box displaying the hook recommendation is a little Streamline hook! It was such a fun little find.

The Furls website lists 24 different colourways for this line of yarn in some absolutely stunning shades. Check them out here: Wander Yarn

Washing Instructions:

On to the washing guidelines…because we need to know how to care for our beautiful work! Furls recommends washing your completed projects with Wander in cold water. Tossing in the dryer is not recommended for this yarn so you’ll need to lay it flat to dry. It’s also mentioned that you can iron this yarn on a cool setting although I haven’t had the need to try that. I have on occasion gently ironed other yarns and usually place a light cotton dish towel overtop so that the iron isn’t directly on the fibre.

Projects made from this yarn can be dry cleaned except with trichloroethylene. Not sure what that is? Same, I had to do some research on that one. Long story short, it’s a harsh solvent that aids in degreasing and removing stains from a variety of different fibres and fabrics. I would assume (without any scientific background) that it probably breaks down and damages the yarn…and we definitely don’t want that!

Other Label Details:

I really like this label because it’s simple and has a minimalist appearance. When I opened the box of yarn, the colours were actually what popped out first, not the label. I think this was a very smart packaging idea because it really allows the customer to be taken in with the yarn in ways of texture and providing a visual appeal with the shades. The text is clean and easy to read and all the important details are visible.

In bold font, you’ll find the name of the colourway. I used a beautiful rusty-golden yellow called “Thatch” and paired it with a gorgeous steel grey called “Cobblestone”.

There are some adorable illustrations with yarn themed hot-air balloons travelling through the sky. Very fitting with the “Wander” line and it provides a whimsical vibe. You’ll also find a small write up describing the yarn with a special mention that this is the first acrylic yarn line from Furls.

I do feel though that something is missing from the label. I think it would be a great addition to provide some extras on the inside of the label. Links to pattern ideas, ways to connect on social media to share your Wander photos and projects made with this yarn, etc. Just a little boost to get those creative ideas flowing if you want to use this yarn but aren’t quite sure what to make.

What Can I Make With It?

Because Wander is 100% worsted weight acrylic, there are a ton of options as to what you can knit or crochet with it. This allows for a lot of flexibility and often works well in projects such as cardigans/sweaters, hats, mittens, blankets, scarves/neck warmers, motifs, appliques and home decor items. The possibilities really are endless! I used this yarn to design the Cozy Travels Neck Warmer which is the in the photo below:

Where Can I Buy It?

Because this line is exclusive to Furls, you can only purchase it through the Furls website. I live in Canada and received this yarn within a week and a half of it being shipped. Depending on where you live and the current shipping situations, those times could vary. Furls ships from their warehouse in the U.S with shipping costs varying depending on location.

At the time of writing this review, it sells for $5.00 (US) per single skein however there are options where you can purchase 5 (each skein drops to $4.45 each) and 10 (each skein drops to $3.95 each).

So, How Does It Work Up?

One of the first things I noticed about this yarn before beginning my project was the glossy sheen it had. It’s quite pretty and I think gives an extra appeal to the yarn. It has a silky look and feel with a ton of squish which I really love, especially since I was working on designs for the fall. Here in Canada, our fall temps can get quite chilly so it’s always great to have an extra cozy feeling when out for an autumn walk.

There is a slight halo effect to this yarn which I know some people don’t care for but, it didn’t really bother me. I don’t generally purchase yarn that has that type of feature but it’s just the nature of this particular fibre. It didn’t affect the way it worked up and honestly didn’t change my opinion of the yarn.

I did run into one knot but I’ve experienced this with other brands and fibres. It seems to just be the nature of the manufacturing process and is something that can happen from time to time. A quick snip with the scissors and rejoin of the ends, and I was back on the crochet train.

I did not experience any twisting of the yarn while working with it. There was sometimes a slight splitting but with wound strands of fibres, that can be common and I wouldn’t state that to be a make or break issue for me. It was easy to use and was soft and smooth while making stitches.

In completed projects, Wander yarn has a really gorgeous drape to it. There isn’t any stiffness to the fibre and it has almost a relaxed feel to it. In my scarf and neck warmer projects, the colours were bold, the yarn was soft and when worn, they displayed the stitches nicely.

Is This Yarn a Hit?

I would definitely recommend this yarn. It has all the features I would want, especially for the type of projects I usually make and design. Wander yarn is easy to work with, I like the colour options and the way it drapes is an added extra for sure. A big bonus for wearables!

I would love to see if this line expands in the future with even more colourway options and perhaps adding different weights. I think this would be fabulous as DK yarn and provide even more flexibility and options in ways of crocheting and pattern designing.

Wander Palette Pack

That’s a wrap on my experience with Furls Wander acrylic yarn. Have you worked with this yarn before? What kind of projects have you made…or would make with it? I’d love to hear! Drop me a comment below and let me know.

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Don’t forget, if you need project ideas that use Wander yarn, check out the fun patterns below. Happy crocheting!