Happy Gatherings Coaster – Crochet Pattern

Say hello to my latest design, the Happy Gatherings Coaster! Using a small amount of worsted weight cotton yarn, this pattern is a quick project with a cute criss-cross accent in the middle. You can make a set for your table or simply make one or two for other uses like placing under plant pots to protect table surfaces.

Find the free crochet pattern below…

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Sweet Suzy Face Scrubbies – Free Crochet Pattern

Introducing the Sweet Suzy Face Scrubbies! I’m super excited to share this design as part of the Sweet Suzy collection. If you are familiar with the Sweet Suzy Washcloth and Sweet Suzy Hand Towel, these adorable face scrubbies are a cute addition to the set. My pattern testers loved how quickly they worked up and how fun they were to make.

Find the free crochet pattern for the Sweet Suzy Face Scrubbies below…

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Extended Stitch Washcloth – Free Crochet Pattern

I really love having crochet washcloths around the house. I typically use them for cleaning as I find the fibres and texture do a wonderful job on most surfaces. They’re a great project for when you want something small to work on and they make excellent gifts!

My latest pattern is called the Extended Stitch Washcloth for its use of the extended single crochet stitch. If this stitch is new to you, don’t worry! I have included a tutorial within the pattern notes. Ready to make this fun and quick project? Find all the details below…

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Crochet Bookmark – Free Pattern

Say hello to the Granny Stitch Bookmark! This pattern has a delicate and classic appearance created by the use of lace weight yarn within the design. It’s thin enough to fit nicely inside your favourite book and the length can be easily adjusted with a simple row repeat.

Make one for yourself, as a gift for your reading buddies or as a cute and unique addition to your market table. Find all the details along with the free pattern below…

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Step Into Spring Crochet Bag – Free Pattern

Even though it’s still March and we have snow on the ground, spring is on my mind! I designed this simple crochet bag that creates some cute spring vibes with the addition of sweet little flower accents stitched into the corner.

It works up quickly and has a lot of flexibility for personalization when it comes to colours, buttons and the strap. You can find all the free pattern details below…

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Crochet Coasters – Free Pattern

Crochet coasters are always a fun, quick and practical project to make. Whether they’re being added to a market table, given as a gift or simply made for yourself, coasters are easily customizable in colours for added personal touches. They also don’t have to be used as a traditional coaster. These projects can be used under plant pots to help protect your table tops from getting scratched.

With only 5 rounds and approximately 18 yards of worsted weight cotton yarn, these are great stash buster ideas as well. Learn how to make the Picot Points Coaster below…

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Crochet Table Runner – Happy Gatherings Pattern

Quite often, memories are made while sitting around a table. Sipping a tea or coffee, enjoying a meal together or simply having some conversations with family and friends. The Happy Gatherings Table Runner was inspired by those get-togethers, sharing in joyful times during the holidays or a casual visit with loved ones.

This crochet pattern uses worsted weight cotton yarn and is a simple row repeat allowing you to adjust the length to suit your table.

Find the free pattern below…

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Suzy Flower Face Scrubbie – Free Crochet Pattern

These adorable little face scrubbies are so sweet to make and take no time at all. They have a beautiful texture and use approximately 10-11 yards of worsted weight cotton yarn. You can make a set quickly which makes them ideal for a speedy gift idea or preparing for market season.

Find the free pattern below…

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Extended Half Double Crochet – Stitch Tutorial

Learn to make the extended half double crochet stitch with this quick and fun tutorial. This simple variation on the classic half double crochet stitch is slightly taller and provides a little bit more drape. Easily adaptable for a variety of projects, this stitch is a nice twist to the traditional method.

Let’s learn the extended half double crochet stitch together…

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Beautiful Waistcoat Washcloth – Crochet Pattern

One thing I really enjoy about crocheting is combining different stitches to create pretty texture and eye catching designs. The Beautiful Waistcoat Washcloth uses two stitches, the waistcoat stitch and the even moss stitch to create a lovely little project. For those that need a refresher I have included a quick tutorial for each within the pattern. There’s also links to more thorough walk-thoughs if you’re learning these stitches for the first time.

Learn more about this pattern below…

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