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Have you ever worked with tweed yarn? It’s a really fun fibre to crochet with, loaded with depth and texture that give your finished projects a beautiful, rustic and cozy appearance. Today I’m sharing my review of Brava Tweed (worsted) along with a fun pattern that you can use this yarn to make.

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I was not asked to write this review. I purchased this yarn because it caught my eye and I’m sharing my personal experience purchasing and working with this yarn.

Fibre Content:

WeCrochet Brava Tweed (worsted) is 97% acrylic (the yarn) and 3% viscose (the flecks).

Yarn Information:

Brava Tweed is a product of WeCrochet and Knit Picks. Currently, Brava Tweed is only available in a worsted weight however perhaps in the future, other yarn weights in this line will be added. It’s quite a lovely yarn and I bet it would be a lot of fun to work with in a bulky weight.

At the time of writing this post, the WeCrochet website lists 6 different colourways on their website. They included:
– Heron
– Goldenrod
– Rosefinch
– Mink
– Stratus
– Wren

I purchased two skeins of Goldenrod and one skein of Mink which I thought coordinated well together. I was going for an autumn, rustic look and think the combination worked up beautifully. I’ll share pics of the project later in the post.

Each skein of Brava Tweed contains approximately 218 yards/100 grams which is a a good amount to work with, depending on your project. You could probably get away with one skein for items like ear warmers, but you’ll most likely need at least 2 skeins for hats, neck warmers and scarves. This yarn is worsted weight (weight #4) with a recommended hook size of 5.5mm-6.5 mm. For the scarf I made, I did go down to a 5mm hook which created a nice result with a moderately loose tension. If you’re looking for a good hook suggestion, I’d recommend the Radiant or Caspian lines available from WeCrochet. I really enjoy the inline hook and gorgeous swirls of colours mixed throughout.

Listed on the WeCrochet website as a premium yarn, Brava Tweed has a lot to offer. Even though there are only 6 colourways, the options available are quite stunning and all work well together giving you decent flexibility to mix and match skeins…. or perhaps use them all! Listed at 97% acrylic with the viscose flecks making up the final 3%, this yarn has a ton of potential. It’s fairly soft (although a little scratchy) with good squish factor (squish factor is very important). It would be perfect for items like sweaters, scarves, hats, blankets….pretty much anything that you want to have feeling cozy. The flecks have tones of black/brown and white which gives the yarn some great depth and eye-catching appeal.

Going back to the three skeins I bought, I used them to make a simple scarf. Crocheting with this yarn was really great and I don’t have any complaints. Seriously, I didn’t once run into a knot, twist or anything that would be irritating to find while stitching away. 3 out of 3 skeins were consistent which made me feel really happy about this purchase and left me wanting to grab some more on my next order. I had no issues with snagging or splitting strands and either. Full disclosure, I typically pull from the outside of the skein because I really dislike trying to find the tail in the middle. Not having to deal with the dreaded yarn barf or clumps of twisted yarn makes starting a project much more enjoyable for me.

Washing Instructions:

Brava Tweed is a super great yarn for projects that get a lot of use because it’s machine washable and can also be placed in the dryer. I haven’t washed my scarf yet so I can’t comment on how the yarn holds up or looks after a wash but I’m feeling pretty confident that it will hold up well. Easy washing makes things so much easier, doesn’t it? Especially if it’s an item you’re gifting, and you don’t need to include a whole list of washing instructions.

Other Label Details:

This label is pretty minimal but contains all the important details. Personally, I like a “quiet” label because the things I need to know the most are easy to find and everything looks neat and tidy. On the front, you’ll find the yarn line and style, noting it’s worsted and the colourway name, skein weight and length.

On the side, the barcode, colourway, lot number and the mention that this particular yarn is made in Serbia.

The back of the skein details both the recommended crochet hook and knitting needle size. The yarn weight is mentioned again as well as the fibre content and simple washing instructions. Even though I bought this yarn from WeCrochet, that company is a sister brand to the knitting focused KnitPicks which is why you’ll see both WeCrochet and KnitPicks listed on the the label. Websites for each and the phone number for customer service are also noted which is helpful if you need to get in touch.

What Can I Make With It?

Listed as a premium acrylic, the WeCrochet website mentions this yarn is especially perfect for sweaters and blankets although it would also be totally amazing to use for items like scarves, mittens and hats. There is a lot of flexibility with this yarn and with the easy washing instructions, it is definitely ideal for a variety of designs and projects.

Where Can I Buy It?

Brava Tweed is a WeCrochet/Knit Picks brand and I believe it is only available though the WeCrochet and Knit Picks websites. I live in Canada so it does ship directly from the U.S as that’s where WeCrochet/Knit Picks is located. I’ve had really great experiences ordering through WeCrochet and despite my box of yarn having to cross the border, it always arrives well packaged and in an incredibly fast timeframe. You can check out my review here: Ordering From WeCrochet (Is It Worth It?)

So, How Does It Work Up?

So, I’ve mentioned my scarf project a few times within the post and finally, here it is! I used about one and a half skeins of Goldenrod and just under one skein of Mink. I really like how the flecks were scattered throughout the project. The yarn itself had nice stitch definition, was consistent in thickness and was just generally very pleasant to crochet with while using very simple stitches. It really does have a fabulous, cozy rustic vibe which is especially appealing for winter wearables.

Get the free pattern for the Simple Rustic Striped Scarf: CLICK HERE!

And there you go! If this yarn is new to you, I hope you enjoyed the review! If you’ve worked with Brava Tweed worsted before, I’d love to hear about the projects you’ve made with it! Looking for more yarn reviews? Check out the links below:

Happy crocheting!


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