Bean Stitch – Crochet Tutorial

I have a really fun and textured stitch to share with you today…the bean stitch! It has a wonderful eye catching appearance and is one of those stitches that looks really great on both the front and the back sides. Because this stitch has a natural slant, it creates a really beautiful and almost zig zag appearance when worked in rows.

Let’s learn how to crochet the bean stitch…

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Suzette Stitch – Crochet Tutorial

The suzette stitch a a beautiful way to add some eye catching texture to your next crochet project. This written tutorial also includes photos to help explain stitch placements and provide a clear visual of how the swatch looks while working up the rows. Don’t forget to check out project ideas at the end! Let’s learn how to make the suzette stitch together.

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Crochet Tip Tuesday – Basic Stitches

I hope you have been enjoying my crochet tips. Today is all about the basics. If you’re new to crochet, I know how exciting it can be to find a pattern you love and want to jump into trying. I also know how frustrating it can be when you start the pattern and realize it’s a little beyond your skill level. It is 100% okay to not be at advanced levels right off the bat. When I started crocheting in 2012, I found myself getting ahead of where my skills actually were. It was discouraging and made me want to put my hook down on multiple occasions. From my own experience, one of the best pieces of advice I can offer those new to crochet is to invest time in the basic stitches. I promise you, it will pay off.

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