How to Make a Hexagon Table Runner – Crochet Tutorial


A few years ago, I created a simple holiday themed hexagon table runner to add some colourful, handmade decor for my coffee table. I received quite a few inquires about how it was made and put together so I thought it would be helpful to share the process.

Please note this isn’t so much a pattern as it is a basic tutorial on how it was created. I have included a hexagon tutorial as well as an invisible seam tutorial for anyone looking to learn.

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For this particular table runner and hexagon motifs, I chose to work with Red Heart Super Saver O’Go yarn. I really loved the traditional Christmas themed colours (the colourway is called “Christmas”) and was interested in the way the yarn was presented. If you’d like to read my review of O’Go yarn, you find it here: Red Heart Super Saver O’Go Review

Of course, please use the worsted weight yarn of your choice with the colours reflecting the style or theme of your table runner.



If you’re using O’Go yarn, I was able to make 2 hexies from each colour, each with two rounds. I also used a skein of white yarn from my stash (without the label, oops!) for the edge/border of all the pieces.

The length and width of the table runner will be dependent on the size of your table surface or style as well as the placement of your hexies. You can make your hexies larger than 2 rounds or go even smaller with just one 1. There is no right or wrong way when making this particular piece.

As I created my hexagons, I did try to sew them together instead of waiting for them all to be finished at the end. It just made it seem like less work to do it as I went along. I was mindful to not place the same colours side by size and I did not make an edging around the entire finished piece.

When stitching the finished hexies together, I chose to use the invisible seam. You can find a tutorial for that here. For joining your hexagon motifs, please use the method you are most comfortable with.

And that’s basically it! Create your hexies in the number of rounds you’d like them to have. Add a border/edging to each one and then seam or stitch the hexies together in the arrangement you’d like!

If you’re looking to learn how to make a crochet hexagon or need a refresher, I’ve got you covered! Click here for my hexie tutorial. It includes helpful photos that label each stitch.

I hope you found this little walkthrough helpful and that it leaves you feeling inspired to make your own colourful hexie table runner. Looking for patterns? See what’s free on the Sweet Bee Crochet blog by clicking the button below. Happy crocheting!