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Caron Cotton Cakes from Yarnspirations is a really fun yarn to work with….for so many reasons! While I was familiar with the Caron Cakes line, the Cotton Cakes were always a fibre that I wasn’t quite sure what to do with. The mixed fibre sounded appealing but was it practical?

Today I’m sharing a review for Caron Cotton Cakes. You can read all about this versatile yarn below…

I want to share that these thoughts and opinions are strictly my own. I have not been paid or asked to write this review and all comments are based on my own experiences of purchasing and crocheting with this yarn.

Caron Cotton Cakes always looked so exciting, so when I passed by them at my local Michaels, I always stopped to to take a peak. They were interesting and felt so soft…not to mention the gorgeous colourway options. But a cotton mix? That seemed like it made things complicated. I was concerned about caring for a project after it was completed. Would the acrylic/cotton blend stretch? Did it absorb well? What could I make with it? I finally decided to just grab one and give it a go. Can I say, I am SO glad I did. Here’s what I learned:

Fibre Content:

Caron Cotton Cakes is mixed fibre yarn composed of 60% cotton and 40% acrylic. This actually makes for a great combination because the cotton makes it breathable and the acrylic is lightweight making it ideal for spring and summer wearables.

Yarn Information:

This yarn is a medium weight 4 (worsted) although to me, it could definitely be comparable to the size of a DK weight fibre. The cake that I purchased is 8.8oz/250g and 530 yds/485 m although I am aware that there is a smaller cake version as well.

On the label, the recommended crochet hook size is 5mm(US H/8) and for knitting needles, 4.5mm (US 7). I found that a 5mm hook worked the yarn up nicely but with a bit of a looser stitch. I switched to a 4mm hook and was much happier with the results. I have a moderate tension, nicely balanced between tight and loose so a 4mm hook was the perfect match for me. However, your pattern or project may require a specific size.

Washing Instructions:

Thank you Yarnspirations for the gift of easy care! Caron Cotton Cakes is both machine washable and can be tossed into the dryer. If the weather is good, I like to drape my crochet projects in the sun to dry but have had a lot of success putting my crochet makes in the dryer. I tend to play it safe and use the gentle cycle in the washing machine and the dryer, both with great results.

Other Label Details:

Also on the label you’ll find the colourway (the cake in the photos here is called “Rose Whisper”), dye lot and where the yarn was made (this cake was created in China). Remember, if you want to use more than one cake for a project, make sure your having dye lots!

Under the label is a pattern, which is always a great idea if you’re looking for a new project to use this yarn with. On this particular cake, the pattern is for a knit shawl.

And of course, Yarnspirations lists all the fun ways you can connect with them on social media if you want to show of some pictures of your w.i.p or finished creation.

What Can I Make With It?

Caron Cotton Cakes is great for wearables due to the cotton/acrylic mix. Yarnspirations has some great ideas, as does Ravelry, Pinterest or a quick search through Google.

Shawls, wraps, scarves, spring cardigans, summer tops, swim suit cover ups…there are many wearable options. This yarn also works great for tote bags and market bags with an added bonus that most of those smaller projects only require one cake! I’ve also seen patterns using this yarn for lightweight blankets.

I asked around in my local crochet Facebook group if anyone had used Caron Cotton Cakes for washcloths, hand towels and face scrubbies. There were quite a few people who did and had wonderful experiences using this yarn for that purpose. Absorbency was good but they do need a little extra wringing out. However, the word on the crochet street was that this yarn was a hit for using around the kitchen for cleaning or in your washroom for when you need a little self care and at home spa treatment!

I designed the Bobble Edge Dish Mat using less than one Caron Cotton Cake. It’s perfect for when you need some extra drying space in your kitchen! It’s great for the trailer or camping too! Find the free pattern here: Bobble Edge Dish Mat

Where Can I Buy It?

I live in Canada so my in-store options for purchasing Caron Cotton Cakes is through my local Michaels. Caron Cakes is an exclusive line with this company so you probably won’t be able to find it in other retail stores. Online, it can be purchased through the Yarnspirations website. While browsing, I did notice two different sizes of Cotton Cakes: 100g cake (original line) and the 250g cake which is the current line. Michaels seemed to only have the 250g option so I reached out to Yarnspirations for clarification. They replied same day (that’s great customer service!) and kindly let me know that the 100g cake has been discontinued and no long available in store. However, some discontinued Caron Cake products can be found in the clearance section of the Yarnspirations website.

The Michaels website showed 10 colourway options for the 250g cakes, whereas the Yarnspirations had 18 listed. With so many options, you might have a hard time choosing!

So, How Does It Work Up?

Goodness, this yarn is lovely. It’s so soft and it shows the stitch texture in such a gorgeous way. The pastel colours in this particular cake were quite beautiful and subtle. They look great stitched up together and create a pretty effect. Doesn’t the suzette stitch look amazing? If you aren’t familiar with self striping yarn, there are two ways you can work with the colour changes. I personally let the colours transition where they do which can sometimes mean in the middle of a row. Some crocheters like to have more control over where the transitions happen and will cut the yarn when the colours change so that the there is a more even appearance. There is no right or wrong way, only the way that works best for you and your project!

I did not experience any splitting or twisting and the yarn glides so smoothly on my hook. I was very happy with the results and even happier to have a cute and functional crochet project.

Is This Yarn a Hit?

Yes! I would definitely purchase this yarn again without hesitation. You get a good amount of yarn which is enough for a one skein project. There are a lot of options with what you could crochet or knit with it and the colourways are beautiful. The end result is a soft, colourful and lightweight project. It’s a win for me! I absolutely need to add some more Caron Cotton Cakes to my yarn stash.

Tell me about your Caron Cotton Cakes projects. What have you made? What colourways do you enjoy the most? Leave me a message in the commons below and let me know!

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Happy Crocheting!


5 thoughts on “Caron Cotton Cakes – Yarn Review

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  2. I used 7 Caron cakes to crochet a corner to corner afghan. Long before I reached halfway through the yarn, I started decreasing but ran out several rows from the end. This isn’t the first time this has happened which begs the question are their lengths accurate in each skein?

    • Hi Linda! That’s definitely frustrating. When I confirmed the numbers for my cotton cakes, the yardage and weight was accurate to what was on the label. I do this most often for yarn reviews but it can also be helpful before starting a project to confirm you have the amount needed. From my experience, almost all the yarn I measure is pretty spot on to what is written on the label in regards to length and grams. If you find that the yardage is less than what is written on the label, you could definitely connect with the yarn company and perhaps ask for a refund or a replacement skein.

  3. I was thinking of using this (caron cotton cakes) yarn for a blanket for my bed in a moss stitch pattern. I have done this in red heart super saver yarn and it came out quite heavy. Would the caron yarn be a good lighter weight substitute?

    • Hi Nikky! I haven’t used this yarn for a blanket but from using it in other projects, I believe it would create a lighter blanket. While it is a worsted weight like Red Heart Super Saver, it does feel slightly thinner and lighter. It could definitely be a good option!

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