Striped Herringbone Hat (Child size age 4-8) – Free Pattern

Are you ready for the easiest crochet hat pattern? The Striped Herringbone Hat is a wonderful project for beginners because it doesn’t involve increasing or decreasing. It’s worked up as a flat panel and stitched together at the end. In fact, this was the first crochet hat one of my pattern testers made and it looked absolutely gorgeous. Don’t feel intimidated by the name either! If you don’t know how to create the herringbone half double crochet stitch, I will teach you! Everything you need to know is in this post so let’s dive in!

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Sweetheart Bobble Bag – Free Crochet Pattern

We are just a few weeks into January but I’m seeing a lot of talk about Valentine’s Day. I know it’s not until next month but for makers like us, we often like to plan and prepare ahead of time. We like to figure out what to make for upcoming holidays and special celebrations, and gather all the yarn and materials needed for those projects. This is my first pattern release of 2020 and is a great little project for any skill level. It takes about an hour to make and is perfect for handing out to friends or a special someone.

As of February 8th 2022, this pattern has received a refreshing update with new photos and layout. Find all the details below…

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The Colourway Cowl (Free Pattern)

The Colourway Cowl by Sweet Bee Crochet

Continuing with my pattern write ups, today I’m chatting with you about my crochet design, The Colourway Cowl. You’ll find the pattern below. I think revisiting it now is a great time because the fall weather is definitely upon us and there have been a few days where I even dug out my winter jacket for my morning errands. One feeling I really can’t stand is having cold, chilly air on my neck so it’s pretty common for me to have a variety of scarves and cowls hanging around my house. You can start to see where my inspiration for this pattern is coming from!

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