How To Prepare Caron x Pantone Yarn


If you saw my previous post reviewing Caron x Pantone yarn, you will remember that I promised a small tutorial on how to prepare the braid of yarn before use. I’ve seen a lot of people asking questions about how to untwist each section and a few people feeling too intimidated to buy it. I hope this write up will be useful and helpful and by the end, you’ll feel comfortable and confident to give this wonderful yarn a try. Below you’ll find a written and photo walk though on how to prepare you Caron x Pantone yarn for use.

Step 1:
Let’s start by removing all the labels attached. Make sure to keep them if you want to remember the colourway as well as the order in which the colours are arranged.

Caron x Pantone yarn in Strawberry Chill Colourway

Step 2:
In this photo, you’ll see a close up of the top of the braid that was underneath the labels. Look for a small piece of yarn that is in the centre and is keeping the first twist together. I’ve circled it for you so it stands out.

Close up of Caron x Pantone yarn

Step 3:
Take your scissors (I use embroidery scissors because they are thin and narrow which is helpful for tasks like this) and carefully snip that small piece you just found, right at the very top. Once cut, it should pull out very easily.

Cut knot at the top of the first twist

Step 4:
Now that you have cut the small piece that was tied around the top, you should be able to gently pull each section out, one at a time. Work your way down the segments until you have separated all five colours. Set them down being careful not to twist them too much.

Segments just after separating

Step 5:
One by one, pick a segment and start to open it up. There should be a natural centre to the individual sections as each one contains a knot keeping it all together. Expand it out paying special attention to make sure the yarn doesn’t twist or get caught on other pieces. It should look something like this:

Lay segments out flat

Step 6:
Now that your segments are spread out, locate the knot that was mentioned in step 5. There is only one in each section and since the yarn has been untwisted and is now laying open and flat, it should be visible. You should not need to cut this knot as I generally find it quite easy to untie by hand. Do this for each colour but keep the yarn laid out flat, the same as step 5.

Locate single knot

Step 7:
With all knots untied, this is where you will start to wind each segment. Now there are multiple ways to do this that will allow for quick and easy winding without the hassle of the yarn getting tangled. It is a small bit of yarn but if you have a yarn swift, that is an option. You could also have someone hold it around their hands while you wind or even pull up your legs and drape it over your knees. I do have a swift but for this yarn, I personally like draping it over the back of a child’s chair. The size is perfect and works really well for this. Whichever method you choose to work with should be fine. Once it is set up, locate one end of the yarn and begin to wind. For this amount of yarn, I wind by hand into balls but you might decide to use a yarn winder. Go with what you are comfortable with and what works for you. Repeat the winding process for each colour in the set.

Preparing to wind by hand.

And there you have it! At this point, you should have 5 small balls of yarn wound up all nice and snug. Take a minute to admire how beautiful and vibrant the colours are…oohhhh….ahhhhh. If you’re using this yarn right away, you’re good to go. If you are preparing to hold onto them for a little while, I like to store them in a sealed bag or container along with the labels. It helps to keep them nice and tidy until I’m ready to use them.

Caron x Pantone yarn, wound up and ready for use

If you’re looking for a pattern to try using this yarn, take a peak a these Sweet Bee Crochet designs that only require only braid. Click on the pattern name for details!

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Did you find this walk through helpful? I’d love to hear your comments! Please do leave a message below or check out my Instagram @sweet_bee_crochet and drop me a line there. Whether you knit or crochet, I’m happy you found your way here. Have a great day!


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