Lovely Lemon Neck Warmer – Free Crochet Pattern

One skein projects are totally my thing. I love the challenge of designing a something practical and useful with a limited amount of yarn. Thankfully, many of those skeins and cakes have just enough yarn for wearables like scarves and neck warmers. Not only that, many yarns come in some beautiful varigated and gradient colourways so you don’t even have to switch up the colours! Lion Brand Ferris Wheel yarn works beautifully for a project like this.

The Lovely Lemon Neck Warmer is a simple design with beginners in mind. Using the lemon peel stitch with a picot stitch edging, this project is perfect for working on while catching up on your favourite shows or movies! The simple repeat makes it easy to put down and pick up again while also being easy to travel with. If you aren’t familiar with the lemon peel or picot stitch, please check out the tutorials included within the pattern. My testers gave such kind words about this design and shared some lovely photos. You can find their versions at the end of the page, under the pattern!

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One Skein Crochet Projects

One skein crochet projects are the best! Sometimes we find a lonely skein in our yarn stash and aren’t quite sure what to make with it. Often it gets buried and forgotten because it doesn’t seem like enough yarn to complete a full project. I’ve compiled a list of 16 crochet patterns that only take one skein to help you out with some ideas.

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