Tip Tuesday – Asking Questions


We all started crocheting at different ages, stages and through different experiences. The one thing we all have in common though is we were all beginners. That means our knowledge of crochet, the tools we needed, the differences in yarn, understanding patterns, terms and techniques were all things that we had to figure out. Some people have friends or family members who crochet to help guide them. Other people might take local classes or join a crochet group to learn. Learning online through YouTube tutorials has become a valuable resource for those wanting to learn the craft. Of course there are websites and books on learning crochet as well.

One way to connect and grow your skills is by joining an online crochet group. There are so many different platforms that offer forums and groups such as Ravelry, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Often these groups have anywhere from hundreds to thousands of members all of varying skill levels and focuses within crochet. It can be extremely intimidating and nerve wracking to put yourself out there. But asking questions is so important and it’s only going to be beneficial to you as a maker to work through them. The term “there are no silly questions” absolutely applies here. As I mentioned in the graphic above, you are most likely not the only person who has that question either. And because there are often so many member in these online groups, the chance of a reply is very high which means you’ll have your answer and be able to move on to the next step of your crochet journey. Another added bonus is that you might also discover multiple answers that use different techniques or solutions and you could find one that works best for you! And guess what? It’s not always beginners that have questions either! An experienced crocheter with years of skills behind them might have a question about a new technique or stitch. Everyone has a question or needs some extra help sometimes.

And yes, unfortunately we have all run into some people who have forgotten that they too were once beginners. Sometimes a snarky reply or comment gets left in response to your question. Let it slide and move on to the next helpful response. You don’t need the negativity sneaking into your learning process and creating little voices of self doubt. Their journey is not yours and their voice is not one you need to hear as your learn and grow. Connect with the positive and encouraging makers who share their advice and responses, they are the ones who will help guide you along.

As you grow and gain knowledge as a crocheter, don’t forget to return the kindness and support to other new makers who are starting off. Remember the frustration and confusion you sometimes had while learning a new stitch, technique or pattern. There will come a time when they have a question and you will have the experience and knowedge to help!

I really love the circle of support that the crafting community displays. The hashtag #communityovercompetition always sticks with me in that respect. So join those groups, make some meaningful and positive connects and don’t forget….ask those questions!

If you have any questions or comments for me, I’m here! You can connect with me through the “Contact” section of my blog. I’m also on Instagram (@sweet_bee_crochet) and Ravelry (sweetbeecrochet).

Happy Crocheting!


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  1. I was wanting to ask you something about where I am doing this crocheting….With this baby pipsqueak yarn pastel colors for my mom, this is just what my momma wants with these colors

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