Tip Tuesday – Project Prep


Are you someone who prepares your crochet work space ahead of a project? Or perhaps you have your own method to keeping yourself productive and stress free while crocheting.

Crochet is nice because it generally doesn’t require too much in the way of materials if you’re working on smaller projects. However, because some of those materials are tiny, things like stitch markers and yarn needles, they often can get misplaced or lost between sofa cushions of down in the crevices of a big ol’ yarn basket.

I find that having a little spot beside me with everything the project requires is very helpful in keeping me within that “crochet zone” while I’m working. The items I need are within reach exactly when I need them.

Do you have a special work space while you’re crocheting? What are your tips and tricks for keeping your crochet progress high while working on a project? Please let me know in the comments below or over on my Instagram feed (@sweet_bee_crochet).

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Happy Crocheting!