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I have a fun product review to share with you today! WeCrochet have their Dots Crochet Hook Set back in stock, yay! I’ve had my eye on them in the past but always ended up missing out because they seem to sell out fast. When I saw them listed on the site, I placed an order because I really wanted to check them out. They’re fun and colourful, looked sturdy enough travel with in my project bag and had a few neat features that caught my attention.

So what did I think of them? Find out below…

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I was not asked to write this review. I purchased these hooks because they caught my eye and I’m sharing my personal experience purchasing and working with this product.

The WeCrochet Dots Hook Set seems to sell out fairly quickly when it’s in stock. I don’t see them all the time and I know prior to this release, it had been awhile since the last set was made available. At the time of writing this review (April 6th 2023), the set was available on their website.

This hook set can be purchased through the WeCrochet website (click here to view). I did see some crochet hooks available on the sister site, KnitPicks but not this particular set. Listed at $24.99 USD and containing 9 hooks, I felt this was a great selection at a decent price. I do live in Canada so there was a currency exchange when purchasing however I did feel that this set was still a great choice and a good bang for my buck.

As usual, my order shipped promptly and even though it was coming across the border, it arrived quickly and well packaged.

The set arrived with all the hooks together in a cute little box. They looked lovely and even sweeter in person. The sizes in the set are as follows: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm (E-4), 4mm (G-6), 4.5mm (7), 5mm (H-8), 5.5mm (I-9) and 6mm (J-10). While everyone has a hook size they prefer or use most frequently, this set does seem to have the main sizes covered (4mm-6mm). The smaller hook sizes might not be used as regularly but they are definitely helpful if you use smaller yarn weights. I have seen a lot of requests online for this hook set to be available in larger sizes so maybe that’s something we will see in the future.

These hooks are padded with a comfortable spot for your thumb to rest while working. These padded handles are extra wonderful when working with smaller sizes like the 2mm hook. The materials used to create the hooks are listed on the WeCrochet website as polypropylene/latex-Free TPR (thermo-plastic-rubber) and aluminum. Each hook measures about 6.5 inches long from bottom to top and it is mentioned that these hooks can be comfortably held and enjoyed by those who crochet with a knife or pencil grip (I have a knife hold). I also like using longer hooks so these were checking off a lot of my favourite things in a crochet hook.

Comfy Sport - Limited Time

I typically enjoy working with inline crochet hooks. I like the pointy tip that often comes with the style and I find the yarn doesn’t slide off the hook as easily. WeCrochet Dots are a tapered design but actually have a really great subtle point at the top that’s quite effective in poking through stitches. I really liked that.

Another great feature is that the hook sizes are all clearly labeled on the side, near the bottom making it easy to find and pick the hook you need. One of my favourite aspects about this hook collection is the hole at the end of each one. Have you ever needed a stitch marker but couldn’t find one? Guess what you can use that hole for? This little space works best with a locking stitch marker but it can be a little tricky. I used my KnitPicks stitch markers as an example and definitely found they fit better sideways as opposed to attaching with the lock hanging down. I felt there was too much tightness attaching the stitch markers this way and worried about breaking them. Having the stitch marker attached sideways fit much better.

Locking stitch marker feature

If you are looking to keep your hook set together, you can also use a binder or book ring to hold them all neat and tidy in your project bag.

Let’s not forget to talk about the fun designs on the padded handle. Bright and colourful with pale pink dots as accents, it’s easy to see where the hook collection got its name from. These are eye catching for sure and would make a great conversation starter if you’re out crocheting in public!

The big question though is do they work well within crochet projects? Well, of course I tested that out so I could tell you! Here’s what I thought:

The handles are smooth to hold and comfortable to work with. The hook grabs the yarn well and the whole product seems solid and long lasting. There’s nothing really fragile about them which makes them durable for stashing in your project bag when you’re crocheting on the go. The whole aesthetic is just adorable and cute and for the number of hooks you get in the set, I think it’s a good price point.

The length of the hook is nice and the padded grip has some wonderfully placed indents for your fingers. I use a knife hold and found it comfortable but also tried holding with a pencil grip and found the padded indents to still be placed in great spots.

I’m not sure how much use I will get out of the smaller sized hooks. I do occasionally crochet with thread or embroidery floss so having a comfortable and padded hook to use will definitely be beneficial for comfort when working with those thinner fibres.

I did test the hook sizes using a needle/hook measuring tool and they were accurate which of course is important. I put these hooks to use and grabbed my 4mm hook to crochet a cute set of coasters using worsted weight cotton yarn. You can view the free pattern here.

Overall, I am glad that I purchased the Dots Hook Set from WeCrochet. These will be my main hooks for traveling and taking with me out and about. I’m happy with the quality, price and appearance and think these would be a good buy. Keep in mind, these are tapered hooks so for me to appreciate and enjoy them when I mostly use an inline hook is a good note when considering if these hooks are a good match for you!

You can view and purchase your own set of Dots Hooks from WeCrochet here.

I hope you found this review helpful! Don’t forget to hop over to my Instagram @sweet_bee_crochet for more crochet goodness.

Happy crocheting!


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