The Magnificent Mini Pouch (Free Crochet Pattern)

The Magnificent Mini Pouch by Sweet Bee Crochet

With various holidays just around the corner, it seemed like a great time to once again bring out my free crochet pattern for The Magnificent Mini Pouch. This design, although very quick and simple is extremely practical and versatile. Not only that, it’s extra special because it is the very first pattern I ever designed and shared.

I was looking to create something small that allowed a lot of personalization depending on the crocheter or who the crocheter was making it for. The pattern calls for 100% cotton yarn, I personally used Bernat Handicrafter but some of my testers used other brands with the same results. A few testers also made their Mini Pouch using worsted weight acrylic so it really just depends on what fiber you prefer. Any colour yarn and style of button could be used so while the pattern remains the same, each finished piece is unique.

Let’s jump in:

You may sell items completed from this pattern but please provide credit back to Sweet Bee Crochet and if possible, link back to pattern location. You may not distribute or sell this pattern or use my photos without consent. You may not use my photos to sell your completed items.

**I would love see your own creative spin on colours/button choices and how you’ve made it unique. Tag me on Instagram (@sweet_bee_crochet) to show off your finished piece!**

– This pattern is written in US terms.
– This pattern is worked up with a tighter tension. The size upon completion (before folding over to make the pocket) should be approximately 7 inches in height and 3.5 inches in width. Depending on your tension and if you choose different yarn/hook size, the size may alter slightly.

Materials Needed:
– Worsted weight cotton yarn in the colour of your choosing. I use Bernat Handicrafter for this project.
– 4mm crochet hook
– Yarn needle
– One button (I use 16mm for this project)
– Embroidery thread (to match your button colour)
– Sewing needle
– Tape measure
– Scissors
– Stitch markers

SS – Slip stitch
CH – Chain
SC – Single crochet

Ch. 15

(Row 1) sc in second chain from hook. Sc in the next 13 chain stitches. (14) Ch 1 and turn.

(Row 2) sc in each of the next 14 stitches. (14) Ch 1 and turn.

(Row 3-23) Repeat row 2. (14)

Upon completion of row 23, place a stitch marker at one edge. This will mark where you will eventually fold the bottom up to form the pocket.

(Row 24-28) Repeat row 2. (14)

(Row 29) 1 sc in each of the next 6 stitches. Ch 2. Skip 2 stitches. 1 sc in each of the remaining 6 stitches. (14) Ch 1 and turn.

(Row 30) 1 sc in the next 14 stiches. Fasten off but do not cut the yarn.

With the rectangle in front of you, the button hole should be at the top. Fold the bottom up towards you meeting the row where you placed your stitch marker earlier. Adjust your stitch marker to now include the piece you folded up to keep it in place while sewing the sides closed. Go back up to your yarn tail that is connected to your skein. Measure approximately 30 inches and then cut. This length will be used to stitch the sides of your project so depending on your tension, you might need an inch or two more.

Take your yarn needle and thread the loose end of your cut yarn. Make sure the bottom piece you folded up is aligned. Begin to stitch the first side from the top left side of your project (you will be sewing the folded part to the back part to form the pocket). Weave in and out of the stitches at the edge until you reach the bottom. Continue to weave across the bottom and continue up the right edge of the pouch. Fasten off, cut and weave in tails. Place button to match up with the button hole and sew into place with embroidery thread. Your mini pouch is complete!

Each pouch when completed, with the top folded down and closed, measures 3 1/2 inches x 2 1/2 inches. Now this might seem small and you’re probably thinking, “Rebecca…you’re crazy. This is too small and not at all practical!” Let me give some examples of how this Mini Pouch could be used:

  • Make with Halloween colours to hold some pieces of candy or mini chocolate bars. Give them out to co workers as a spooky surprise and coffee break treat.
  • Use traditional Christmas colours to make Mini Pouches for stocking stuffers.
  • Make with Valentine colours and include a sweet note inside for someone special.
  • Use them in your bag to hold hair elastics, lip balm, small charge cables or to keep your earbuds from getting tangled.
  • Keep them inside your crochet project basket to hold stitch markers or a small tape measure.
  • Instead of buying small packages of travel tissue, take a few tissues from the big box at home. Fold them up, place them inside your Mini Pouch and off you go.
  • You could even modify this pattern to make a longer pouch to hold gift cards. Simply extend your last few rows to your desired length before stitching the sides together. Keep in mind the placement of the button hole will also need to be adjusted.
The Magnificent Mini Pouch by Sweet Bee Crochet

Those are just a few ideas of how The Magnificent Mini Pouch could be used.

If you are interested in a printer friendly .pdf version, please head over to my Ravelry page to find this project as well as other fun designs. I’d love to see your finished piece so don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @sweet_bee_crochet to show them off.

Happy Crocheting!


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