Yarn Review – Red Heart Super Saver Ombre

Red Heart Super Saver Ombre in Sea Coral Colourway

I think it’s safe to say that we all love trying new yarn. There’s something exciting and refreshing about grabbing a new colour or fiber to create with. While it is comforting and familiar to have our old favourites that we like to use, it’s exciting and fun to pick up and experience a new brand or line and see what can be made from it. Today’s yarn review focuses on Red Heart Super Saver Ombre.

Red Heart Super Saver Ombre in Sea Coral Colourway

I enjoy using Red Heart yarn and I definitely have a few in my stash. However, I finally picked up two skeins of their Ombre line for the first time and was immediately in love with it. The colourways are stunning. The way the shades in the skein fade together is so soft and subtle with such a gradual change, that it blends beautifully and naturally creating a unique and gorgeous finished piece.

I made a simple scarf using a basic moss stitch which complimented this yarn perfectly. It really allowed the ombre effect to shine and displayed the stitch nicely as well. Each skein is approximately 440m which is plenty to make an average length scarf. It’s 100% acrylic, is machine washable and can also be placed in the dryer which is always a bonus. It’s soft and comfortable for wearable projects and I had no issue with splitting, pulling or twisting. The skein was perfect and free from tangles or knots making it easy to use.

Red Heart Super Saver Ombre in Deep Teal Colourway

It’s listed as a medium weight yarn with a recommended hook size of 5.5mm which makes it a great yarn for almost any project. It’s a pretty accessible yarn to find and I’ve seen it in most craft and department stores as well as online. If you haven’t used this yarn yet, I definitely recommend grabbing one or two and giving it a try. You won’t regret it and I’m sure it won’t be the last skein from this line that you’ll purchase. With all the beautiful colourways and how easily it works up, you’ll want to try them all…I know I do!

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I’d love to hear about your makes with this yarn. Drop me a comment below or head over to my Instagram @sweet_bee_crochet and let me know!


2 thoughts on “Yarn Review – Red Heart Super Saver Ombre

  1. I’m wondering: If you have to use more than one skein of this Ombre yarn how that affects the gradient effect? How do you fix it if you need to?

    • Hi Cynthia! I understand what you mean with carrying the colourway pattern. If you’re doing a continuous row by row style project, you could potentially plan to start your second skein at the colour where your first skein ended. You might have to trim the end to get to the colour you want but it could allow for a smoother transition.

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