Tip Tuesday – Accidental Increases


Oops! The scarf or blanket you’ve been working on is starting to look a little more wider than it did when you started. What happened?

It’s often a simple error of accidently adding in extra stitches…and it’s super easy to do, especially when you’re doing a few repetitive rows of the same stitch over and over. The easiest thing to do is count your stitches at the end of each row. Trust me, no matter your skill level, it always pays to count. The few seconds it takes to do it, is much better than the time it takes to unravel a bunch of rows and redo them.

This first image has 4 rows with equal stitch counts. The edges are straight and the rows are transitioning smoothly.

The second image is a swatch also containing 4 rows. The difference is that rows 3 and 4 each have an accidental increase of 2 stitches. It might not seem like a huge issue except as the rows grow, so will your stitch count and your project will get wider.

When you’re crocheting, counting is your best friend. Make it a regular habit in your crochet routine to count your stitches before moving on to the next row. It’s worth it!

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Happy crocheting!


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