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I have a wonderfully versatile holiday pattern for you! It’s super fun, quick to make and has a lot of creative flexibility. You can choose to decorate your tree or keep it simple with a minimalist appearance. Crochet it in traditional colours or in more modern colours…both options look fab!

This is the perfect stash buster project because you can use any yarn with a complimenting hook size. I’ve written this pattern using worsted weight yarn but you can definitely get creative and experiment with different weights and brands. I’ve also shared ideas on ways to decorate your tree, the pattern for the teeny tiny star and ways you could use your tree applique.

Find all the details below…

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New Wander Yarn Colors

– This pattern is written in US terms (find a stitch conversion chart here)
– Gauge is not important
– Turning CH does not count as a stitch
– Special stitch tutorial is included within the pattern
– This pattern is for the tree and the small star
– Decoration ideas will be included at the bottom
– This pattern is written using worsted weight yarn. Feel free to crochet this pattern using different weights. Just remember to adjust your hook size to compliment your yarn.

Materials Needed:
–  Worsted weight yarn in 3 colours (tree = 8 yards, trunk = 2 yards, star = 2 yards) Some great options for worsted weight yarn are: WeCrochet Brava, Furls Wander, Lion Brand Heartland, Mary Maxim Glimmer
– 5mm hook for the tree: check out these great hooks: Furls Streamline, WeCrochet Dots, WeCrochet Radiant
– 4mm hook for the star
2 stitch markers
Yarn needle
– Extra materials of your choosing to decorate (buttons, ribbon, yarn, etc)

CH – Chain
SK – Skip stitch
SS – Slip Stitch
SC – Single Crochet
SS/PIC – Slip Stitch With Picot Stitch
SC/PIC – Single Crochet With Picot Stitch

Special Stitch Tutorials:
Slip Stitch With Picot Stitch –
Complete 1 SS and then CH 3. SS into the third CH from the hook. SS/PIC stitch complete.

Single Crochet With Picot Stitch – Complete 1 SC and then CH 3. SS into the third CH from the hook. SC/PIC stitch complete.

To make the tree, use your 5mm hook and CH 2

Row 1:
Place 1 SC into the 2nd CH from your hook. CH 1 and turn.

(1 SC)

Row 2:
Into the one SC stitch, place 2 SC. CH 1 and turn.

(2 SC)

Row 3:
Into the first stitch, place 1 SC. Into the next stitch, place 2 SC. CH 1 and turn.

(3 SC)

Row 4:
Into each of the next 2 SC, place 1 SC. Into the last SC, place 2 SC. CH 1 and turn.

(4 SC)

Rows 5-12:
Continue this row repetition by placing 1 SC into each stitch across and 2 SC into the last stitch, followed by CH 1 and turning your work. Row 12 should contain 12 SC stitches. CH 1 but do not turn your work.

(Take a quick moment to place your stitch markers for placement of the tree trunk later. In row 12: SK the first 4 stitches and place a stitch marker in the 5th stitch. Skip the next 2 stitches and place a stitch marker in the next stitch)

You will now be crocheting along the edge of your tree working in the direction from the bottom (row 12) up to the point (row 1) and then back down to the bottom on the other side. I made 5 points on each edge but depending on tension or preference, you may choose to make more or less. You might decide to leave out the SC/PIC and crochet a simple SC along the edges instead.

Into the same stitch space as the last SC from row 12, Place 1 SC/PIC. Into the next stitch space, place 1 SC. Repeat by making 1 SC/PIC, 1 SC evenly along the edges up to the tree top point. When you reach the top point of the tree, place 1 SC, CH 2, 1 SC. Continue along the next edge back down to the bottom evenly making 1 SC/PIC, 1 SC. SS into the same space as the first SC from row 12. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Tree Trunk:
Row 1: (4mm hook)
With the right side of your work facing you, join the brown yarn with a SS into the stitch with the first stitch marker of the row (on the right). Place 1 SC into this stitch and the next 3 stitches (the final stitch should be in the 2nd stitch marker). CH 1 and turn.
(4 SC)

Rows 2-3:
Place 1 SC into each stitch across. CH 1 and turn. After row 3, do not CH 1. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Decorating (Optional):

How To Make A Teeny Tiny Star:
With your yellow yarn and 4mm hook, begin with a magic circle. SS/PIC 5 times into your circle. SS into the beginning SS and pull ends to tighten. Fasten off but leave long tails for sewing onto the top of your tree.

Ideas for Decorating:
Tightly crochet a chain and sew it onto your tree as garland. You could also use a backstitch or sew some ribbon on
Sew on small buttons or make french knots to create the look or ornaments
Sew beads or small jewels/gems for decorations

Ideas For Use:
Crochet a chain and attach it to the top of the tree to turn it into an ornament
Attach some ribbon to the top and use the applique as a gift tag
Sew the applique onto pillows or blankets for festive home décor
Make many trees and stitch them evenly into a long ribbon or chain to make holiday garland
Make these trees in traditional Christmas colours or go for a modern look with bright, rich tones

Look at the adorable trees my testers made! Thank you, thank you, thank you to my amazing testers!! They had such kind words about this design and had a ton of fun customizing their trees! Check out their versions below…

I would love to see your version of the Happy Festive Tree Applique! Be sure to share it on Ravelry or give me a tag on Instagram @sweet_bee_crochet. For more fun and creative designs, be sure to check out the Free Pattern section of my blog. Ad free, printer friendly versions can be found in my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Looking for more Christmas makes? Check out the free patterns below. Happy Crocheting!


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