Stash Buster Sunglasses Pouch – Free Crochet Pattern


Grab some bright, bold summer shades of worsted cotton and your favourite 4mm crochet hook to make these fun stash buster sunglasses pouches. It’s made by crocheting a simple square followed by a single fold and a quick seam. Crochet one in a solid colour or add some fun stripes for a vibrant colour-block look.

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This pattern uses Dishie cotton yarn from WeCrochet. It’s incredibly soft and comes in some amazing shades! You can read my review here: Dishie Yarn Review. Haven’t ordered from WeCrochet before? I have a review for that too: My Experience Ordering From WeCrochet.

Ready to start the pattern? Let’s go!

– This pattern is written in US terms
– Gauge is not terribly important for this pattern
– The completed pouch measures approximately 7 inches long and 3 ½ inches wide
– Turning CH 1 and CH 2 do not count as stitches
– Special stitch tutorial is included within the pattern
– This pattern is written in a way to allow for easy colour changes if you choose. I recommend using row 5 for the striped option as the DC stitch displays colour well and it is a simple row for changing yarn
– You might find it helpful to mark the first and last SS for rows 1-4 with a stitch marker
– This pouch will not protect your glasses from being broken or crushed. It’s simply a cotton pouch meant to potentially keep scratches off or to keep them from getting tossed around in your bag
– Helpful photos can be found on the last page for optional printing

Materials Needed:
–  Approximately 70-71 yards of worsted weight cotton yarn (I used Dishie Worsted from WeCrochet)
– 4mm hook (I used my Furls Wooden Streamline in Teak)
– Yarn needle
– Scissors
– Measuring tape
– Stitch markers if you’d like to mark beginning and end stitches

CH – Chain
SK – Skip stitch
SS – Slip Stitch
SC – Single Crochet
HDC – Half Double Crochet
DC – Double Crochet

Special Stitch Tutorial:
Even Moss Stitch –
In the first stitch, place 1 SS. Make 1 HDC into the next stitch. Repeat across the row, always starting and ending with SS.
Detailed Tutorial: Click here

CH 30 and begin row 1 in the 2nd CH from your hook.

Row 1:
Into the first stitch place 1 SS followed by 1 HDC in the next stitch. Repeat this alternating stitch segment (1 SS then 1 HDC) across the row, ending with a SS. CH 1 and turn.

(15 SS stitches, 14 HDC stitches = 29 stitches)

Rows 2-3:
Repeat row 1

Row 4:
Into the first stitch place 1 SS followed by 1 HDC in the next stitch. Repeat this alternating stitch segment (1 SS then 1 HDC) across the row, ending with a SS. CH 2 and turn.

(15 SS stitches, 14 HDC stitches = 29 stitches)

Row 5:
Into the first stitch and each stitch across, place 1 DC. CH 1 and turn.

(29 DC stitches)

Rows 6-25:
Repeat rows 1-5, 4 more times. After completing row 25, do not CH 1 and turn or fasten off. Please continue to the next step.

At this point, your square should measure approximately 7×7 inches. Fold your square in half and seam from the top corner, down the open side, and across the open bottom. You may use your preferred method for this step. You might like to continue along those seams using a SS or you might choose to fasten off and use a needle instead. Depending on your choice, you might find it beneficial to flip the pouch inside out after the seaming is finished to provide a tidy appearance. Fasten off.

Drawstring Section
Attach your yarn with a SS into the top of any stitch where the pouch opens. Place 1 SC into that same stitch, CH 1 and SK the next stitch. Repeat this sequence of 1 SC, CH 1 and SK 1 all the way around your pouch opening. When you get to the end, you might have 1 extra stitch to skip over. This is okay as the SS and 1 SC that you placed in the first stitch will fill in that gap nicely. You will need an even number of CH spaces. SS into the top of the beginning SC. Fasten off and weave in ends.

(14 SC stitches, 14 CH 1 = 28 stitches)

You might choose to make a longer or shorter drawstring depending on your preference. The drawstring in the pattern photos is made by crocheting 100 CH. SS into the second CH from your hook and place 1 SS into each CH across the row. Fasten off and trim the excess yarn at the ends.

At the front of the pouch, begin to weave your drawstring in and out of each CH 1 space from the previous drawstring section until you get back to the beginning. Even out the drawstring so that both ends are equal length. You should now be able to gently pull the top closed. Great work! Your Stash Buster Sunglasses Pouch is complete!

A very big shout out to my lovely group of testers who made their own gorgeous version! You can see them in the collage below:

For more fun and creative designs, be sure to check out the Free Pattern section of my blog. Ad free, printer friendly versions can be found in my Etsy and Ravelry shops. Happy Crocheting!