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*I am not being paid or compensated for this review. This write up includes my honest thoughts and impressions on these products through personal use*

Let’s talk crochet hooks. Through the accounts I follow on Instagram and also from some of the crochet groups I’m part of on Facebook, I kept hearing the name “Furls” being mentioned. “They’re the best hook I ever owned!” and “they are gorgeous hooks!” were fairly common remarks from numerous people. Clearly, I needed to look into this brand.

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When I browsed the website, I was pretty much sold on the designs alone. They were stunning and so unique that I definitely needed to try one for myself. Christmas was coming and my sweet husband always asks me, “what would you like for Christmas this year?” So I told him, “just one crochet hook from Furls.”

I’ll tell you a little bit about my husband. He is incredibly supportive of everything I do. For example, when I run into the craft store to grab some yarn on sale and I come out with a skein or two, he’ll march back in and grab more because “you should buy more yarn! This is a great deal!”…and we leave with a bag full. He’s also the one that suggested I start a website to share my love of the craft. So you can imagine my surprise when he gave not one but five Furls hooks for Christmas. Complete in a lovely gift box along with beautiful wooden stand to keep them safe. And he remembered the hook sizes I use the most!

It’s now February and I have been using my Furls hooks regularly. I will say that the good things I heard online were true. These hooks are absolutely a dream to use.

I’ll talk about the Streamline hooks first. These beauties are from the “Swirls” line.

Swirls Cream is the pretty creamy pearl hook in 4mm. There’s almost a slight sparkle to it. It’s really gorgeous, dainty looking and glimmers in the sunlight. There is a visible appearance of depth with the way the resin formed and settled. I keep my hooks on the shelf next to my little crochet spot in the living room and this particular hook is one that people always point out when they visit. I use this hook for granny squares to give a tighter appearance of clusters and also for dk and sometimes worsted weight yarn.

Swirls Café is the hook with a delicious looking mix of a cream colour swirling together with various shades of brown. I see where the “café” connection comes from! My version is 6mm sized and it’s reminiscent of a cup of hot coffee, with the cream spinning around ever so slightly as it’s stirred. A feeling of comfort, much like one a crocheter might experience while working with a favourite yarn and hook. The Swirls Café is really quite stunning and has become one that I use frequently.

There’s another Streamline Swirls product called Galaxy which is exactly how it sounds. I have the “Andromeda” hook in a 5mm size. It’s amazing and the way the colours swirl in and around each other are magical. The tones of blue, orange and white have a slight shimmer and the layering of them throughout creates a lovely dimension.

The Streamline Swirls and Galaxy are all made of polished resin and because of the process, all look so unique. They are smooth to hold and use and are extremely comfortable to work with.

Also in the Streamline family are the beautiful wooden hooks. Mine is a 5mm in “Ebony” and really fantastic. I know there can be a bit of a stigma to working with wooden hooks; that they can catch on the yarn or pull if not smooth enough. These lovelies are amazing and glide through the stitches nicely. I’ve used them with cotton, acrylic and mixed fibers all with very good results and no issues whatsoever.

The wooden Streamline hooks are made of polished wood and are the same proportions as the Streamline Swirls. All Streamline hooks are about 7 inches in length, and have a fairly pointed hook that is quite helpful in guiding your yarn through the stitches. The wooden hooks are just slightly lighter than the resin made Streamlines and equally as comfortable to hold and use. As you can see in the photos, the sizing of the hooks is on the handles along with the Furls logo so you’ll always know which hook you’re picking up to use.

The last hook that I received is the Odyssey. Mine is in purple and in a size 6mm which is labeled on the bottom of the hook. This hook is in a league of its own. It’s beautiful, solid and just a dream to use. It is heavier than the Streamline hooks but not in a way that’s uncomfortable or unnatural. The Odyssey hook rests perfectly in my hand and in a way that allows me to crochet more comfortably and with ease. I actually feel like I can crochet a little longer with this hook because of the way my hand is gripping it. The ergonomic shaped handle created a much more natural hold for me. My fingers aren’t cramping up which they sometimes did so that is an absolute added bonus in itself. The Odyssey hook has a length of about 6 inches so it’s a little shorter than the Streamlines. This hook was originally the one I wanted for Christmas and I was so thrilled to see it in the box. Perhaps I’ll have to add some other sizes from this line on my list for Christmas 2020!

I would like to mention that these hooks are to me, a work of art. I treat them with a lot of care because they are a little delicate. I store them in the stand to keep them from rolling around, getting scratched or falling on the floor. Furls does have some beautiful cases to store or travel with your hooks, with options of individual cases or ones that hold a few. I need to add those to my list as well but for now, I use travel toothbrush holder from my local dollar store. I padded the ends with some polyfil stuffing and use it as temporary case for one hook if I want to take it with me somewhere. It does the trick because you don’t want these babies rolling around in your crochet bag. But when I’m at home, these hooks are stored on the display holder that my husband also purchased from Furls.

Furls also has an outstanding level of customer service. The Odyssey hook I received for Christmas had the slightest little bump on the shaft of the hook. One of those random defects that can happen in the manufacturing process of any product. You probably wouldn’t notice by looking at it (my husband didn’t see it when he packaged the hooks in the gift box) but it did catch slightly on the strands of yarn I was working with. My husband emailed Furls and they immediately shipped out a replacement and it’s just perfect. I was so pleased with how quickly and easily it was to work through this with them. It’s clear that customer satisfaction is very important to them and that they do stand by their products.

I will, without a doubt be purchasing from Furls again in the future. I should mention that I live in Canada and the prices for Furls on their website are in American currency. You should also be aware that if you having it shipped and you live out of the United States, there is always the possibility of getting stuck with paying duties. But in my opinion, these hooks are worth it.

These Furls products are my “go-to” hooks and are the only ones I use now. And as if crocheting isn’t enough of a conversation starter when you’re working on a project in public, the Furls hooks also draw their own attention because of how beautiful they are. You’ll likely always have a person watching or stopping to chat and ask questions if you’ve got one these gorgeous hooks in your hand.

So tell me: do you have a Furls hook or are planning on purchasing one? I’d love to hear about your favourites. Head over to my Instagram (@sweet_bee_crochet) or check out the Contact section of my blog for other ways to get in touch.

And of course, if you would like to browse and get more information on these hooks or other products from Furls Crochet, head over to their website here: Furls Crochet (I promise you won’t be disappointed!)

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6 thoughts on “Furls Crochet Hooks – Review

  1. I had never even heard of Furls crochet hooks but those are STUNNING. I know what’s going on my shopping list for my birthday!

  2. I have to say I own 4 of these and find them too long, too heavy, and cumbersome to work with. I’ve tried to like them…they are pretty…but for me that’s it. I much more prefer my Clover ergonomic…modern…sleek…colorful set…that allows me comfort grips…ergonomic support and swifter smoother crocheting. Will not purchase anymore of them. So pricey and to me just a lot of hype.

    • It’s always important to use the tools that you’re most comfortable with. I’m glad you found something that works well for you! Happy crocheting!

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