Tip Tuesday – Documenting Your Progress


Do you document or have a way of keeping track of your projects? I started crocheting in 2012 and I remember feeling so proud of the few stitches I made (even though my ends and tension were wonky). The first hat I made was a baby hat, it was purple. I remember buying yarn and not understanding the importance of weight and appropriate hook sizes. I just wanted to crochet and make things.

Fast forward to 2020: I can make a lot more than hats now. My rows are straight and I have learned what is a comfortable tension when making my stitches. I design my own patterns now, have a blog and love sharing my projects on Instagram. I’ve made some connections with other makers and have a lot more knowledge and understanding of the things that make up the various areas of crochet.

I know more than now than when I started crocheting. 10 years down the line, my skills will have grown further. You never stop growing as a maker which is why it’s so valuable and important to document your path and look back at your accomplishments. Where your struggles were, if you’ve overcame a particularly difficult pattern that you really wanted to try. Or just to look back at a project that was meaningful during a certain time in your life. Maybe you worked really hard on a project and you’re just feeling proud.

What are some ways you could document your projects? What would you include? Please leave a comment here or hop over to my Instagram (@sweet_bee_crochet) and let me know!