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If you have stepped foot into a Michaels store in search of crochet goodies, you are most likely familiar with the Loops and Threads brand. It is exclusive to Michaels and is their own product line. The Impeccable yarn is one of my “go to” brands, with a few skeins always stashed away in my yarn bin or a couple always in my cart when I go to Michaels.

It’s an extremely versatile yarn and is really quite wonderful to use. It comes in a beautiful array of colours, so many in fact that it’s easy to get overwhelmed with choosing which ones to take home. It is 100% worsted weight acrylic yarn (4 medium) with a recommended hook size of 5mm. Now with this yarn, depending on the project, I use anywhere from a 4mm up to a 6mm hook with great results. It’s rather soft and I often use it for hats, scarves and cowls…pretty much any wearable item would look great with Impeccable. And with such vibrant colours, they really do make stand out creations and provide such a lovely finishing touch on crochet projects.

Each skein contains approximately 285 yards (260 m) which is plenty for making a project or two. You could easily get 2 maybe 3 baby hats out of it or 1-2 youth or adult sized hats. If you alternate colours, you can definitely stretch that amount out. Its soft and squishy texture would also make it an ideal yarn for blankets or perhaps a throw pillow!

Another great thing about Impeccable is that it is machine washable (medium temperature) and can be put into the dryer. I’ve personally washed finished projects made with this yarn, specifically hats, and they go through the washer and dryer like a dream. Make sure to use a low or medium heat setting when drying for best results with acrylic yarn.

Loops and Threads is fairly accessible to purchase. If you have a Michaels near you, you can find it there. As of a few months ago, Michaels began offering online ordering here in Canada so that opened up the door for purchasing this yarn as well (especially if you aren’t located near an actual Michaels store). I have seen Loops and Threads yarn online listed with Amazon and Etsy but I believe these are independent sellers and not associated with Michaels as the price difference is often fairly significant. In Canada, this yarn sells at Michaels for $4.99 per skein but I often see it go on sale for a lower price or a “buy 1, get 1” deal. You can also use your trusty Michaels coupon which you can find through their website or app.

If you’re looking for quick and easy projects that uses Loops and Threads Impeccable yarn, check out these Sweet Bee Crochet designs! Click the pattern names below for details:

The Striped Herringbone Hat

Suzette Crochet Hook Pouch

Have you made anything with Loops and Threads Impeccable yarn? Tell me all about it! Leave a comment here on my blog or hop over to my Instagram (@sweet_bee_crochet) because I love hearing from you and connecting with other makers.

 Happy Crocheting!


11 thoughts on “Yarn Review – Loops and Threads Impeccable

  1. I am definitely a L&T fan! And Impeccable is also my go to! Other than sometimes getting a darker colour with a texture variance, I use it for most of my crochet projects too!

  2. I’m knitting a sweater right now with Impeccable and it’s already fuzzing. It was recommended for sweaters. I’m really worried. I’m 1 skein in and considering cutting my losses and finding something else.

  3. I am looking for L&T, ecoluxe yarn in Burnt Orange & can’t find it. I bought 8 &, making a blanket & need at least 2 more balls.

  4. Like the brand but have issues. Impeccable stillness mostly grey mix everywhere but my wrap label says same name….but yarn is green rust n ecru. Bought sunrise for shawl n reordered…they changed to hot sunrise n it’s basically orange not yellow. My shawls looking like a bowl of cheese popcorn.

  5. Can someone please tell me how to find the center yarn end without pulling apart the whole skein ?.. thanks,,

    • Oh goodness, I know your struggle. I typically give up and end up pulling from the outside. However, on the lucky days where I have had a successful centre pull, it’s when I can reach in and find a small clump of yarn. Usually when I pull that little bit out, the centre pull tail is within it.

  6. Not too impressed with this wool. It’s not living up to its name. As I’m knitting, I came across some of the strands was not attached. Also my other ball of wool the color was not consisted.

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