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Although spring is still a few weeks away, that isn’t stopping me from being inspired by the colours and flowers that the warmer weather brings. I love winter…but sometimes a bright pop of colour is a nice thing to see when everything is all grey, white and chilly. This quick and easy pattern works up quickly and is perfect project for when you don’t have much time to crochet.

Pattern details and photos can be found below. Check it out!

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As of October 20th, 2021, this pattern has a refreshing update! New photos and a clear pattern layout to reflect consistency with my other designs. The Etsy and Ravelry listing have also been updated!

– This pattern is written in US terms
– After round 3, the project may look a little crooked. It will even out to a nice circle shape once the final round is completed
– “DC Cluster” refers to the groups of 2 DC that are placed together in a stitch space (round 2)
– Step by step photos can be found at the end of the pattern

Materials Needed:
– Worsted weight cotton yarn in 3 colours (referred to as “A, B and C”)
– Approximate yardage for one individual coaster is 12-13 yards. Colour A = 3.2 yards, Colour B = 3.2 yards, Colour C = 6.4 yards
– 4mm hook (I used my Furls Streamline Teak)
– Yarn needle
– Scissors

CH – Chain
SS – Slip Stitch
SC – Single Crochet
DC – Double Crochet

Pattern (Make 4 coasters for a set)

With yarn colour A: Begin with a magic circle OR you may CH 3 and SS into the 2nd CH from the hook to form a loop.

Round 1:
CH 2 (represents 1 DC)
Into your circle, place 9 DC
SS into second CH from the beginning CH 2. Fasten off and tighten your magic circle to close.
(10 DC stitches)

Round 2:
With yarn colour B:
Begin in any space between DC stitches and join yarn with a SS
CH 2 (represents 1 DC) and place 1 DC into that same space
Make 2 DC into each space between DC stitches
SS into second CH from the beginning CH 2. Fasten off.
(20 DC stitches)

Round 3:
With yarn colour C:
Begin in any space between DC clusters.
Join yarn colour C with a SS, CH 5 (counts as 1 SC and 4 CH).
*Into the next space between DC clusters, make 1 SC, CH 4.*
*Repeat from * to * 8 more times.
SS into the first CH from your beginning CH 5 but Do not fasten off.
(10 SC, 10 CH 4 spaces)

Round 4:
Continuing with yarn colour C:
SS once over to the next CH 4 space and CH 1 (counts as 1 SC)
Into this space, place 4 SC. Skip the next SC from round 4.
*Into the next CH 4 space, place 5 SC. Skip the next SC from round 4*
Repeat from * to * 8 more times.
SS into the first CH of the beginning CH 5. Fasten off.
(50 SC stitches)

Round 5:
With yarn colour A:

Begin in any SC stitch. Join yarn colour A with a SS and CH 1 (represents 1 SC)
Place 1 SC into each stitch around.
SS into beginning CH 1. Fasten off and weave in all ends.
(50 SC stitches)

Your Morning Bloom coaster is complete! Crochet one or make a whole set! They make a great option for a house-warming or party host gift. Make a set for yourself in your favourite colours or to match your home décor. There are so many ways to personalize this quick and simple project.

You can find more sweet and simple crochet projects in the Free Patterns section of my blog. Ad-free, printer frienly patterns are available in my Etsy and Ravelry shops. Have a wonderful day!

Happy crocheting!


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