Scrap Yarn: What is it good for?


You’ll be hard pressed to find a crocheter or knitter who hasn’t asked “what can I do with all these leftover pieces of yarn?” It seems wasteful and not environmentally friendly to toss them in the garbage but, often there isn’t enough leftover to fully use in other projects. So, what can we do?

If I have small pieces, at least an inch long, I toss them into a jar. Over time, that jar fills and I’ve collected enough small bits that are perfect for stuffing little projects. I wouldn’t recommend using this method for small items or toys that you might gift a baby or small child but for décor items or a gift for someone a bit older, it’s a great option.

For bits that are longer, I love using them in granny squares. I’ll use those squares around the house underneath things that I don’t want scratching my shelves or tables. You could also accumulate a bunch of scrap granny squares and make a wall hanging for a colourful accent in your home.

Another décor idea is to make pom poms and create a mobile or other hanging item for some fun and whimsical accent.

If you have some leftover yarn that is a bit longer in length, you could create some colourful scrap hats. Alternate colours every row or every few rows for some super fun stripes of varying thickness. This is a great option for kids due to the smaller sizing of hat patterns.

If you have some skeins or half skeins, scrap blankets are another way to go. I have mixed fibres and weights very successfully. I’ve made scrap blankets using a double crochet c2c method which looks lovely. Below is an imagine of a scrap chevron blanket I made earlier this year which creates a beautiful effect. Scrap yarn makes some warm and vibrant creations that are very unique due to the mix of colours; and you won’t find another blanket like it!

Need some more ideas? I’ve got plenty (and some free patterns too!)
– Bows (Sweet Treat Bow)
– Appliques (15 Minute Flower Applique)
– Square Motifs (Picot Points Square)
– Pouches and Bags (The Magnificent Mini Pouch and The Simply Striped Drawstring Pouch)
– Coasters (The Happy Vibes Cotton Coaster)
– Ornaments (Vintage Noel Ornament)
– Face scrubbies
– Dish scrubbers
– Headbands
– Small amigurumi designs
– Pom poms
– Tassels
– Small pillow covers
– Glasses protector case
– Colourful cowls or scrap scarves
– Small baskets
– Mug cozies
– Barbie or doll clothes and accessories
– Inquire about donating scraps to a daycare or kinder class for arts and crafts activities

There are tons of ideas to incorporate leftover yarn. I have seen suggestions about leaving yarn scraps outside for the squirrels and birds to use in their nests. While this gesture does seem helpful and kind, it is actually not recommended. I have included a great article from Auduban that mentions the dangers of yarn to birds, especially their little wee hatchlings: What Nesting Materials Are Safe For Birds?

Do you save your yarn bits and scraps? I hope you have found some inspiring ideas to use them up. Be sure to leave a comment below or on my Instagram @sweet_bee_crochet to share your thoughts and ideas. Bye for now!


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