Tip Tuesday – Marking Your Rows


Counting your rows can be actually be a pretty frustrating experience, especially if you are new to crocheting. Stitch markers are a great way to help with that.

Using small stitch like single crochet can sometimes make the distinction between rows difficult to see, especially if you have tight tension or the pattern requires tight stitches. I’ve been crocheting since 2012 and feel pretty comfortable and confident in building my rows…and I still use stitch markers!

Depending on your project, try placing a marker every few rows but always keeping the distance equal. For example, every 2 rows or every 5 rows. When you reach the end of your project or a point where you need to have your row count, just use your stitch markers as a guide to count. It will save you a lot of time and frustration so that you can carry on with your project happily and confidently.

I use these stitch markers. They’re flexible and I find packs of them on Amazon for a few dollars each. I like the colours and they’re very secure when closed.

If you’re looking for something a little more fancy, check out Etsy or a local handmade business. There are some absolutely adorable and unique stitch markers that would fit whatever themes or colours you’re into.

A safety pin, hair pin, or paper clip can do the job too!

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Happy Crocheting!


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