Tip Tuesday – Natural Light


Everyone has a different set up for crocheting. Some people have a craft room in their home, others might have a favourite spot on the sofa (like me!). If possible, try to set your space up in an area that has lots of natural light. It won’t be such a strain on your eyes as you work and will help you see the stitches and spaces you need to work into more clearly.

If you don’t have the natural light you need (because sometimes it’s just not possible), try to work in an area that will provide appropriate lighting so you can see your work properly. If you crochet in the evening hours or at night, natural light isn’t usually an option so having a nice lamp or two in your space is beneficial. Home d├ęcor for your hobby? Yes please!

Not only is it helpful for working up your stitches but the right lighting will display the proper shades of your yarn. It’s also important for taking nice, clear photos of your beautiful projects. You’ve worked hard! Show your finished pattern off in the best possible way so all your time and effort is visible.

What’s your crochet space like? Tell me in the comments below or head over to my Instagram (@sweet_bee_crochet) to share.

Happy Crocheting!