Tip Tuesday – Securing Yarn Tails


This tip was one I learned about early on and is something that has been rather helpful in storing my yarn. Winding yarn into balls or cakes is something that most crocheters do. Whether for storage, to prep before a project or to organize scrap yarn or leftover skeins. What is frustrating however, is watching them become unraveled while in storage or in your yarn basket and getting all tangled up. No one wants to spend time dealing with that, we would rather be crocheting, right? Here’s a simple solution…hair clips!

Next time you’re in your favourite dollar store, grab a few packs of the small metal hair clips. I can usually grab a 10-12 pack for $1.00 at my local store. Once your yarn ball or cake has been wound, simply secure your yarn tail with the hair clip! It’s a super simple and effective way to manage your yarn stash and keep things from getting all tangled up.

It’s also a really great way to travel with your yarn too! If you crochet during a road trip or commute to work, perhaps you have a small bag for travel projects. This is a good option for keeping your yarn from rolling around and becoming unraveled.

If you want to kick it up a level, colour coordinate the clips to the yarn fibre. If you’ve lost a label, have a leftover skein or some scraps, organize it by clip colour. For example:

– Pink clips (acrylic yarn)
– Orange clips (cotton yarn)
– Green clips (cotton blends)

You get the idea!

I hope you’ve found today’s Tip Tuesday helpful. If you’d like to learn more tips and ideas about organizing your yarn stash, check out this past tip: Yarn Organizing

Happy Crocheting!