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Bernat Handicrafter is a versatile yarn that is popular within the crochet community…and with good reason! It comes in a variety of shades and colourway options and works up beautifully. A product of Yarnspirations, this yarn is one to definitely have in your stash…

To begin, I want to share that these thoughts and opinions are strictly my own. I have not been paid or asked to write this review and all comments are based on my own experiences of purchasing and crocheting with this yarn.

Let’s jump in…

Bernat Handicrafter is a product of Yarnspirations and is a popular yarn for crocheters. Made with 100% cotton, this particular skein was produced at the Spinrite Factory in Listowel, Ontario. If you live in another country, the production origin may be different.

There are a growing number of options with Bernat Handicrafter which allows for an open door of ideas and inspiration within your projects and designs. Skeins comes in a variety of sizes depending on the choice of yarn. Solid colours, scented, stripes, and twists are just some of the options available so it’s important to always double check your pattern to make sure you’re using the appropriate yarn type with required yardage. I absolutely love how vibrant the colours are and all the amazing shades available.

Looking at the label of a solid colour skein, we can see the following information: This particular skein weighs 50 grams and is 84 yards in length. It is a worsted weight (4) yarn and the recommended hook size is 5mm. I have comfortably used 4mm-6mm hooks with this yarn that had positive project results but please follow the instructions within the pattern you are using. I have never encountered any splitting, knots or twists with the yarn and overall have had great experiences with it. The types of Handicrafter I have purchased and used are Bernat Handicrafter (Solid and Ombre) and Bernat Handicrafter Scented. They all work up nicely but I have a preference for the original solid colour line. I enjoy the colour options and find that they show off the stitch detail in a lovely way.

Washing instructions state that this yarn is machine washable and can also be placed in the dryer which is a big win. Easy care is always a bonus for me and for those I am gifting crochet projects to. The label does mention that dry cleaning is recommended for large items made with multiple colours. I crochet a lot of washcloths and face scrubbies with this yarn which require a frequent toss in the washing machine. They hold up well, dry nicely and soften up beautifully. If you are making items like face scrubbies or washcloths, I would suggest washing them before use to avoid any colour running. I find this needs to be done most frequently with the bright, bold shades and after the initial wash, colour bleeding is not an issue.

Also written on the label is a note not to iron so please use caution if you choose to do so. For blocking purposes, I have ironed Bernat Handicrafter on multiple occasions. I like to place a tea towel overtop and use the steam option with a very quick and gentle press of my iron. I generally only do this with motifs or mandalas.

This yarn is very common and fairly accessible to purchase where I am. I live in and Canada have bought this yarn at Michaels, Walmart, Amazon and Yarn Canada. If you prefer, it can also be purchased directly through the Yarnspirations website. I most often buy the small 50 gram skeins which usually seem to be priced anywhere from $1.99-2.99 (CDN).

What can you make with Bernat Handicrafter? So many things! Blankets, hats, wearables, home decor, you name it! It’s especially great for items like coasters, washcloths, hand towels and mug cozies because of how easily washable it is. Many of my own designs use Bernat Handicrafter and work up quickly. Check out some project ideas over at my post “Creative Crochet Projects Using Bernat Handicrafter“.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to work with Handicrafter or perhaps haven’t been sure what to make with it, I hope this review has you feeling inspired to try it.

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