Bobble Row Cowl (Free Pattern)

Today I’d like to share with you the Bobble Row Cowl. A free crochet pattern that uses only two stitches: bobbles and herringbone half double crochet. If you are not familiar with those stitches, I have included a quick written tutorial to guide you along. I used Red Heart Super Saver Ombre for this cowl and it took approximately 3/4 of the skein. The pattern is very flexible should you want to make it a little long or shorter for your personal preference.

Let’s jump in!

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One Hour Double Crochet Cowl (Free Pattern)

One Hour Double Crochet Cowl by Sweet Bee Crochet

Yesterday’s cowl post gave me the push to finish up a quick and easy design I had been working on. Today I’m happy to share with you, the One Hour Double Crochet Cowl. Yes, just one hour and guess what else? It only takes one skein! Scroll down to read more about the yarn and to get the pattern.

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