Tip Tuesday – Project Burn Out

For many people, crocheting is a relaxing and enjoyable hobby but there are times when we are called to focus on bigger projects. Sometimes it’s for the personal challenge or perhaps you have your own crochet business and you’ve been commissioned for something large or complex. It’s also possible to feel tired of working on a pattern, especially if there’s a repetitive stitch or you’re using one colour for a great length of time. Whether it’s from needing a break from a difficult pattern or simply needing a “reset”, having a small side project is a great idea.

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Crochet For The Home – Free Pattern Round Up

We are heading into March soon and for a lot of people, the chilly winter air and snowy grey days are still hanging around. Why not add some colour and creative designs into your home décor to brighten things up and bring some (hopefully) early spring vibes.

I’ve compiled a list of 10 free crochet patterns for the home to help get you going. Let’s jump in!

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Creative Inspiration – Where Do You Find It?

When it comes to crochet (or any creative project for that matter), inspiration can be a funny thing. Sometimes it can come naturally and sometimes we need to dig a little to find it. Perhaps you’re working on a pattern: the design or colour creates a little spark to start a new project and there’s no resting until it’s completed. Somestimes we find ourselves desperate to create but don’t know what to start next. What colour? What pattern? The endless options that can be found online are sometimes overwhelming and we can’t pinpoint a specific idea or design. That can sometimes lead to a bit of a lull in being creative. So how can we get inspired?

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